… could have been fed and clothed for a year with the amount of money StickyDrama spent pwning Stickam.  But could any of those babies, even if they all worked together, paint us a picture as lulzy as this:

The local photographer we had hired to take professional shots of the pwnage emailed the above image earlier today, lightly retouched to correct for LA’s infamous smog.  The view is from a rooftop in historic MacArthur Park, a vacation resort in the 1800s and now home to crackheads and illegals.  The pilots at NationalSkyads.com were nice enough write the message 3 times, until our photographers finally got the shot we wanted.  We recommend them for engagement announcements or pwnings of your own—you never know who’ll see your message, like the suckably single Ryan who sent us another great pic take from one of LA’s freeways.

Since everyone’s dying to know, we spent a grand total of $2900 on the stunt:  $1800 for the skywriting, $1000 for the photographer and $100 to rent a rooftop in the ghetto.  According to FeedTheChildren.org, that much money would feed and clothe 24 African babies for a year, specifically Kenyan ones with horrible deformities.

OK, we felt a little guilty, so we decided to donate $60 for real.  Please click on the deformed African baby stuffing his face and go make a donation.


  1. Im not critiziing the stunt, i think its pretty funny, but how did you pwn them?
    i must be missing the story, cause righting letters in the sky doesnt make you pwn anyone, it just advertises it, so there must be a back story. please inform

  2. “24 starving african babies could have been fed and clothed for a year with the amount of money StickyDrama spent pwning Stickam.”
    LMFAOOOOOOOOO!!!!! ruthless! lolololol

  3. I’m all for you spending or using your money the way you want, and I have to agree this is pretty epic. But like many have said before what’s the point? I’m sure no one there had a clue what was going on. Or upon reading it had no clue what it even said/meant. Then you go on and shit like “24 african babies” blah blah which turned it from epic to fail. I’m sure Stickam could care less what it was and I don’t think it’s necessarily pwning them. I mean with the money you spent you could have hired someone to make this site look better because the layout pretty much sucks. Though I love SD.

  4. Hey Sticky when are you going to put Adam and Dolores nudes back up? I never got to see them!
    I bet Stevie got mad and thats why you took them down!

  5. this shit is so stupid.
    fuck sky-writing
    P.S sky writing is my future job
    3k for writing stickydrama pwns whatever
    hellllllll yeah.

  6. holyshit.
    i thought it was fake at first.
    so i thought it was funny and all, but then i realized that it was real.
    it’s almost 3 thousands dollars.

  7. Instead of doing something substantial and worthwhile, they do that. Yeah Yeah they can do whatever they want with there money. But seriously, what a waste of fucking $2,900.

  8. Personally i would’ve dropped the starving african kids from a plane onto the stickam building.
    That would pwn stickam AND solve the starving kids problem.

  9. “wow, photoshop much? Fail post.”
    Are you fucking retarded? The picture is only photoshopped because of smog – not the skywriting part. Plus if there was another picture taken of it, at a completely different angle, then there’s more proof.
    Please l2r, dumbass.
    OH! I guarantee a lot of Stickam workers saw it and thought it was lulzy. They don’t hate StickyDrama 😉

  10. Wow I thought this was actually funny and epic at first when you announced it. But when you told us the price of how much everything was I changed my mind. You could of seriously spent it on something else that people would actually care about and have an impact on something more meaningful.
    But then again it is YOUR money and you can spend it on anything you want.

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