Ryan Andrew recently sent StickyDrama an unretouched photo of popular Myspace cutie Alex Evans, who won our first Eye Candy contest.

Quoting Ryan:
“The picture of him unphotoshopped is pretty bad. It’s not horrible, but not as good as the pictures he has up on MySpace. You can see that he uses foundation that’s too dark for his skin, his eyes aren’t as blue in real life, his chin and jawline seem pretty messed up, his eyebrows need a ton of work, etc. I’m sure a lot of obsessed girls would be somewhat surprised if they saw that photo of him, since everyone knows him as the ocean blue eyed pretty boy.”
Granted, Alex isn’t that bad au naturel; and he probably didn’t even know what the fuck StickyDrama is, let alone that he was in our Eye Candy gallery. Nevertheless we are distressed that Photoshop was probably the only reason he managed to beat the naturally suckable Dennis Hegstad—and only by a slight margin.

Dennis, who appears on cam in various degrees of undress and intoxication, was StickyDrama’s favorite to win. We’ll take Dennis “raw” (so to speak) over a retouched Alex anytime.



  1. not sayen dennis is ugly, but he looks annoying, like hearing him speak would just kill me. he looks like that kid in school who annoys the hell out of you, but is kinda pleasant at the same time. alex is wayyyyyy cuter tho, sorry dennis. neither one of them looks cute wit stubble tho lol.

  2. ryan andrew is proly some guy who hates on alex evans because he will proly never be as popular or as cute as alex evans. just think about it, only a person who is truly jealous of someone else would go and actually try and make them look bad. ryan andrew, get a life, cuz alex evans was always and will remain sexy, no matter what some dumb picture shows. and what the hell do you mean by his chin and jawline need a ton of work? can you change that on camera too?, cuz i didnt think so. And maybe he doesnt want to get his eyebrows arched or waxed, some guys are like that you know 🙂

  3. i agree with whoever said that alex looks good on cam. i for one know that sometimes i look good on pictures and sometimes i dont. he cant change the way he looks on cam can he. and if u had pictures for the world to see, would you keep all the imperfections? and on his youtube vid, he looks the same as he did in all his pics. leave him alone. he’s still cute and he still looks better than dennis. ive seen him without retouching, and he looks good

  4. i would just like to say that i talk to alex quite a lot and have a friend in california he goes and sees and that is just a bad picture of him. i’ve seen him unedited and true, his eyes arent quite as blue but they are still pretty. he doesn’t edit his photos a lot, but he does a little bit.
    as goe dennis i love him (: and he is cuter than alex. people can stop hating on dennis. and why do you all care so much about his tats? they’re his not yours you dont have to worry about it.
    fyi to the person above who said alex does know about stickydrama because it is on his stickam. that is NOT his stickam. it is a fake profile.

  5. i think alex evans is perfect.
    the other guy is pretty cute.
    but alex photoshops his photos
    on purpose due to his high
    status on deviantart.
    as in he photoshops them for
    show so he can get more watchers
    and shit.
    i think it was just a shitty
    picture. someone probebly edited
    it to make it shitty before they
    sent it in anyways.

  6. alex is still cute but not as gorgeous as his pics make him out to be
    photoshop is amazing
    with dennis, u get what u see…no stupid photodhop tmake him look all pretty and shit
    he doesnt need to deceieve us
    dennis is def hot

  7. oh, and btw.
    even though this dennis kid is decently attractive.
    whoever the hell he is;
    he just reminds me of a cheap version of oli sykes. :/

  8. so, alex isnt perfect.
    nor is this dennis kid.
    i don’t think you can really compare the two.
    dennis is hot,
    alex is beautiful.
    it’s simply two different things.

  9. He’s supposedly enrolled in my highschool..
    I haven’t seen him, but apparently there’s a shitload of girls swooning over him. bahahaha!

  10. Um that photo was photoshopped. The “real” alex one is.
    I have met Alex and he looks like his myspace pictures. That was a total hoax whoever sent it.

  11. In my opinion, Alex still is good looking without photoshop. But his photoshopping is WAY to much for his pictures, which is really disgusting. And as for Alex vs Dennis, I think Dennis really does win. Hahaha. Tattoos get to me… XD

  12. Alex said he may just make a video to show that he doesn’t always look like that. And if he did, i wouldn’t care. because he is gorgeous. but dennis really has no life if he thinks that one picture will ruin Alex, because really, it wont.

  13. i’m glad that no one on this website has anything better to do than debate about which boy is “hotter”
    seriously, there are beautiful people everywhere. IN REAL LIFE TOO BTW.
    two people can be attractive in different ways, doesn’t mean one of them is better looking than the other.
    and just because someone is good looking on the outside doesn’t mean they’re automatically a good person. not saying either one of these boys are bad people but really, you’re all so shallow.
    and this is all so pointless. they’re just normal people, they aren’t fucking celebrities so stop drooling and debating.
    get lives plz and thnx.

  14. alex is amazingly fucking gorgeous, and so is dennis, if you want to photoshop your pictures to make yourself feel better, that’s your choice and no one should diss on you for that, and no dennis’ tats aren’t fake, they’re very real.
    And I’m sure half of you use photoshop, and you look bad without it, I’m guilty of using photoshop but just for making my eyes look better or something..
    no one is perfect.


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