Amor Hilton, who was 4 months pregnant with the spawn of Jonn Hock, today posted a Myspace bulletin announcing her miscarriage.

StickyDrama was crestfallen as the realization dawned upon us that we woud be denied our highly-sought Live abortion, which we have never had the fortune to post. Moreover the public nature of the miscarriage announcement, much like the public nature of Amor’s pregancy and relationship with Hock, entitles us to ask certain questions, such as:
-Was she ever really pregnant? The entire pregnancy could have been nothing more than a publicity stunt: Amor didn’t seem to be gaining much weight, and the ruse couldn’t have lasted much longer.
-Who the fuck ends their miscarriage announcement with an emoticon: =/
-If she was pregnant, did her smoking and tattoos affect her health to the point of miscarriage? Could the stress of their fighting have been a factor as well?
-Without the responsibilities of fatherhood, for how much longer will Hock remain with Amor? By all accounts he’s ready to hop along to the next vagina with an apartment. Right Chelsea?
-Assuming they do separate, will Hock or Amor go on cam drunk, talking shit about each other? We would hope so! God owes StickyDrama at least that much, for not delivering on the Live abortion.


  1. amor and john were stupid to announce the pregnancy to begin with. if they had kept it private then they wouldn’t have to announce their miscarriage to the everyone in a myspace bulletin. i don’t want to argue whether or not it’s real or fake, i think the main issue here is how they can’t keep their personal lives private. there are some things you don’t announce right away.
    anyway, if it’s legit then i feel bad for the poor girl. i hope she wakes up and sees john for what he is. skeeeeze!

  2. Yeah, on the certificate it seems to say she’s 17. She has been lying all the time about her age in the past- why stop now?

  3. “Amor just posted a blog WITH pictures. Fuck you StickyDrama. You don’t say shit about losing an unborn child.”
    Just because she took a picture of an ultrasound and a certificate doesn’t immediately prove that she was ever pregnant. amor could have got that ultrasound/certificate from anywhere or anyone. she even said that one of her friends recently had a baby, so if amor was that smart, she would have asked her friend for the ultrasound and certificate.

  4. To all those who saying this site shouldnt be picking at every part of her life, including this… and if this girl is as INTELLIGENT as people say she is… then why hasnt she had the sense to 1) make her posts private or friends only or 2) Not post her entire life online for us to read. You cant complain when a website or someone looks at a persons profile and reads HIGHLY private stuff like that for the world to see. I have a journal online, but guess what… I MAKE IT FRIENDS ONLY OR PRIVATE! Also if she is sooo intelligent, then why didnt she obviously use protection? why did she meet a guy from online? why was she smoking when its known to cause issues not just for a baby? Why does she continue to post personal and private events for the world to read? That is the not the action of an intelligent person. That is someone who wants attention and likes websites like this one talking about her. Its like Britney spears telling the Paps where she is going before she leaves the house. If this girl doesnt want to be to hounded online then 1) dont use a webcam and broadcast yourself to the world and 2) Dont post your personal life for the world to read. Just get on with your life and dont give people an excuse or a way to have a go at you!

  5. I’m not trying to be an overtly judgemental cunt. But seriously if someone just had a miscarriage why the hell would they be posting about it on myspace? I mean it isn’t really something you announce to total strangers. It seems like a really bad publicity stunt. However if she really did have a miscarriage I suppose that is a shitty deal, but maybe she should have been a bit more responsible?

  6. New topic..for realz already..if it was true who gives a fuck..if it wasn’t who gives a fuck..they r old news let them fade away for fuck sake

  7. Fuck stickydrama and every other lifeless cunt that thinks amors miscarriage and pregnancy was all a publicity stunt.
    you all are truely sick in the head to think of shit as this.
    you have no idea what kind of hell this girl is going through
    to have something ripped from your hands in an instant.something that meant the world to you and more.
    she smoked during pregnancy so fucking what.
    Shes not the only one.
    Shes a grown ass women she can do what she pleases
    smoking didnt kill the baby.
    so lay the fuck off her

  8. Amor just posted a blog WITH pictures. Fuck you StickyDrama. You don’t say shit about losing an unborn child.

  9. amor posted pictures of the pregnancy test and ultrasound picture. correct me if im wrong but does it say she’s 17!!?!?!?!?

  10. yeah they wouldn’t put some thing in ur vag causing you pain BEFORE putting you to sleep. thats the point of being put to sleep. to not cause discomfort!
    Its hard to believe amor is that upset about losing her baby when the whole time she was pregnant she was putting her unborn child in danger byt smoking.
    also, nobody should be bitching how stickydrama shouldn’t have posted this.
    amor posted it for ALL of us to see. If everyone has such a problem with stickydrama posting shit then stop looking at the site.
    it’s as simple as that.

  11. I can agree to whoever said amor was naturally fat. Have you ever seen older pictures of her? She was a porker. jajajaja!!

  12. [to the post above me]
    Who cares if she’s only 17?
    Kiki is like what, 14?
    And look at all the shit she does for attention.
    Age has nothing to do with this.
    She could be 20, and i wouldn’t be surprised if this happened.
    I don’t think she was ever pregnant, s0000rriezzzz john & amor followerzz.

  13. i have a theory…John Hock’s cum can kill people 0.o
    i love Amor, shes not a fucking attention whore, its nice that you guys have oppinions, but posting over 100 comments with your horrible comments is P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!!!
    what the hell is saying “Amor is an attention whore” going to change ANYTHING!
    your bringing MORE attention to her!
    and shes fucking 17, leave her alone. Yeah, sometimes people make bad mistakes, but you dont have to rub it in their faces.
    im totally not helping either…
    sticky, new post, PAH LEEZ!

  14. maybe you shouldnt have smoked you dumb fucking cunt.
    but, i doubt you were even really pregnant to begin with.
    who the fuck is dumb enough to come home after finding out that their baby has died, and posts a myspace bulletin about it?
    plus, she wouldve been showing.
    it wouldnt be, “oh i swallowed a watermelon” size, but just like she gained 7 pounds.
    amor, stop being such a fucking attention whore.

  15. i think it’s time for a new topic ; so i think we should move on to babe25 ( now cuttie_pie25 ) and how awesome she is !!!

  16. ps my best friend had a d&c when she lost the baby at 18 weeks. you dont need to push the baby out like that retard said. and the bff wasnt in the hospital for a 2 day d&c. so whateva

  17. ok this is dumb. i was pregnant 2 years ago and i lost that baby at 7 weeks. i was admitted into the hospital so i could have a d&c. you dont lose a baby and then post about it on myspace. its not something you want to talk about because you are an emotional wreck. now i am 17 weeks pregnant. that makes me 4 months and 1 week. i already have a belly. most moms start showing at 4 months. you have to be one fucked up person to lie about being pregnant and losing the baby because you have no ideahow hard it is on moms who have really lost a child. if she was really pregnant, everything happens for areason and they def werent ready to have a baby.

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