On the fly, former Playboy producer and present owner of SHE LLC Nancy Goodwell cast Amor Hilton in a production about “cougars,” or older and usually wealthier women who have younger and usually not-so-wealthy boyfriends.  StickyDrama was accompanying the Scene Princess on one of her Xanax-charged shopping sprees about Hollywood.
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Amor strikes us as a tad young to be a cougar, but what the fuck–it’s television, right?


  1. Her hair…it’s so fried…she should shave it off. That’d get her a lot of attention, so it’d be worth it, right?

  2. ^ being an e-celebrity requires no talent. E celebs are simply the most insecure kids with access to the internet. They fill their emotional void by grubbing for attention any way they can.
    I was just wondering, why would Amor walk around with StickyDrama when StickyDrama [and its community] just talks shit about her 24/7?

  3. omg some of you need to shut the fuck up i dont see anyof you being on tv or an e-cleb working her way up no one even know your name .. she look pretty as allwas so once agin Stfu (:

  4. did they change the definition of cougar to slutty lying smelly scene cunt who has fried hair and is obviously high?

  5. Holy fuck what a waste of 8:02. Hooray for the forward button which I used a lot. I think I watched :2 of this POS.

  6. She sounds so fucking stupid – like a drugged up slutty retard. Seriously, is she trying to act this dumb or is she actually like this?

  7. i think she’s still cute.
    but what happened at the end? the reporter was like “how much do you need?” and gave her money and then amor asked for a cigarette.
    i’m pretty sure street interviews don’t pay.

  8. too bad, she used to actually be somewhat pretty back when she had darker hair and didn’t look like a clown.

  9. hahahaha, come on now, they shot footage of so they could laugh at her everything later, not to use in the show.

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