The perpetually sober Amor Hilton and Nick of Radiation Year were at chez Sticky last night.  They say they’re not an item, but the two were awfully cuddly.  And they were shit-talking up a storm about Amor’s ex Ryan Anchors and his girlfriend Airica Michelle, as well as Nick’s not-so-good buddy and StickyDrama’s dreamboy Dennis Hegstad.
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Nothing says love like vomiting hatred upon whoever your fuckbud hates.
Poor Nick.  Amor’s a nice girl and doesn’t have mean bone in her body, but she doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to boyfriends.  Whether intentionally or not, she tends to suck out their souls and leave them empty shells.  So how will this end for Nick?  We came up with the most likely scenarios, which do you think will happen?
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  1. Wahhhhhhhhh. I’m going to post a mean video on the internet because he doesn’t want to be friends with me :[[[[[[[
    And, by the way, Amor said that she was trying to decide on whether to date Nick or Chris.
    I don’t care if you both think Airica and I are “fugly” have fun with your shitty new school tattoos and your leopard print. Airica and I HAVE JOBS and are both IN SCHOOL.
    Don’t worry, maybe someday I’ll give you a few extra bucks to clean my house.

  2. Guyz this vid was just srs bidness. Coz ya know, Ima international superstar. I am such a sweet gurl. I am tha victim. Weather I’m modeling for vouge, partying at Club Dance (nevar drinkin or doin drugs) or even bein an LA Socialight, juss know I keep it real for my fanclub. So stop voting for the STD choice, I’m clean and have only had sex w 47 men. Ugh I hate drama. So glad I never start it.

  3. they’re not an item? She’s also playing christopher moore from I see stars apparently. dumb bitch has been sending him texts and all kind of messages. apparently they hooked up when he was seeing hiiiBim

  4. kc, your eyes will fall out from the horror of seeing airicas face? how do you look in the mirror then?!!?!!!!!!??!?!?!??? your face is certainly more horrifying

  5. amor clearly isnt over ryan, and jealous that ryan has moved on with a girl a trillion times better than amor. who the hell is amor to judge airicas “fashion” like someone as gaudy as amor even should have a say. i like how she doesnt deny cheating on ryan than bitches about how ryan would question her loyalty to her. amor is nothing but a clown who cant keep a guy, and all these fuglies shes been dating have shitty fucking tattoos, but so does she so i guess it makes a little sense. before shes 20 shell be std infested, and a shit times more haggard than she already looks.
    i enjoy that sticky says “at least he has a job” clearly indicating he has a life unlike amor who has to perform her notorious ~hollywood handjobs for cigarrettes
    kudos to ryan and airica for not being complete losers. amor take notes, next time

  6. aha this Nick kid is a pussy , Dennis called him out to his face at warped tour in Orlando about talking shit and Nick just denied it all. Little faggot better watch his back.

  7. Well I personally think they are perfect for eachother. They are both liars, std infested, alcoholic drug addicts. And both live in a fairytale dream that the world revolves around them. The quicker these two are dead and buried six feet under, the population can move on to a cleaner, less sleazier world. Ryan has moved on too bad Amor cannot. You can tell by how often she continues to bring is name up. Amor needs to get over the fact that Ryan moved on and UP GRADED!!! All she has had since then is fugly ass, horse faced musicians, and all her Hollywood hand jobs. Amor is jealous that Ryan has a much better life now that she is not in it.. Plain and simple!!

  8. I vote heartbroken. and I actually agree with their views on ryan and airica. I barely even knew who she was and she tried to start shit with me and dia (before we were friends) in the stickydrama live. so stupid. the two of them live really close to me, I fear that one day I’ll see them at the grocery store and my eyes will fall out at the horror of seeing airica’s face irl.

  9. Nick was a chill dude when he was in Radiation Year, they were just a small band from Maine playin shows around New England.


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