Animals reproduce.  Married couples make love.  Amor Hilton and Gage Arthur have unholy fuckery.
It was approximately 2am this morning when StickyDrama emerged from our bedroom for a Southern Comfort on the rocks when we heard profane noises coming from a dark corner of our living room.  Upon investigation we found Gage fucking the living shit out of Amor, only 2 feet away from Deanna Undead’s bunkbed!  Amor’s undulating moans were punctuated by sloppy slapping sounds.  “However disgusting you think it was, it was actually worse,” Deanna explained in exchange for our blurring her fat ass out of the photo showing Gage and Amor cuddling later in the morning.
“You only heard the noises,” she continued, “but I had to deal with the smells.”


  1. is it just me or is Nicole Friend an epic clown name? i mean think about it.. she has the look and she obviously has loads of experience blowing things…

  2. Mathew Kraven,
    If I say you look disgusting due to your fucktarded hair,piercings and gormless expression-is that really what I think or am I jealous? You will probably get the answer to this question wrong.

  3. Matthew Kraven…
    Just because someone says something is disgusting, doesn’t mean they’re jealous. Most likely: They think it’s disgusting.
    People seriously need to get over this general wide-spread over-exaggerated possibility of jealously.

  4. How Ever Delicious his Peen Is..
    In my opinion, Which I know Literally “No one gives a fuck about”, I find Gage to be a ButHis Face..
    a skinny bad looking version of Hock.
    That is all..
    Amor can do better.
    I dont blame her for getting that dick..
    Makes her normal,
    Not a Slut.
    You horny fucks just jealous you cant get laid.

  5. god you can just sense the stench looming around them.
    i feel bad for deanna, im sure the smell burnt off all her nose hairs and she’s probably scarred for life now.

  6. haha they do make a cute couple they both smell disguting, have STDS, trashy, homeless, liars, etc… WOW theyre actually PERFECT for eachother! so much in common. haha the EX-FAT pig turned anorexic clown found her match… wat a love story

  7. Actually, there was a blanket hung up, and I was watching a movie on my laptop with my headphones in. Besides, this is a loft apartment…. which for those of you who don’t know what that means, we have no rooms, just one big fucking room with 2 bathrooms.

  8. i’d add to what has been said but why bother, i can’t come up with any other way of saying that she is a used up slut

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