Think you’re l33t?  Email, IM or visit StickyDrama in our chatroom to enter our Stickam’s Best Hacker Contest.  The contestant who completes certain hacks wins an all-expense paid weekend trip to StickyHouse in downtown Los Angeles—including airfare, accommodations, meals and transportation.  
This Sunday, March 8, StickyDrama will post the IP address of a dedicated server whose owner is allowing it to be used for this contest.  The contestant’s first objective will be to tag an index page on the server, at a minimum with a link to their Stickam profile.  All contestants must have an active Stickam profile.  A firewall installed on the server will automatically ban contestants who launch a DOS attack, port scan, or brute force.  
Trip dates are flexible.  Should the winning contestant already live in Los Angeles, or is under 18 and unable to get parental consent to visit—guess what, you’re fucked and get nothing!  (Except maybe a Hacker Cam on our sidebar.)
For more details, or to enter the contest:
email:  [email protected]
AIM:  stickydrama
chat: StickyDrama chatroom


  1. evo… the page has to be physically modified. you have to actually modify the page on the server. no dns redirects, no dns poisoning, etc. physical page must be edited.

  2. ^ its just a bit of fun. why does there always have to be a Mr.sensible when it comes to stickydrama. Its just the internet and this is just a website and if its too silly for you then leave

  3. This contest is a fucking farce. What a joke.
    “Hey, come /deface/ our undisclosed dedi server and we’ll fly you to LA because we think you’re cool.”
    Honestly, what a crock of shit. You’re probably going to use some managed Ubuntu server you pay $30 a month for and think you’re badass.
    Suggestion: Use existing wargames for reference and create something challenging that’ll make a person of talent standout.

  4. hehe <3
    there are so many variables in this contest… “index a page on the server” u can do that with out even “hacking” do tricks w/ dns that are temporary and shit….
    oh well, i needed a vacation =P

  5. Wish I could hack. I don’t need my ‘parent’s’ permission to go anywhere.
    As to where he gets the money, who cares? Most homosexuals have a lot of money because A. they can’t get married/have kids and thus B. can focus on grander things like making money.
    Sticky house of fame would be so fun 🙂

  6. What do you do sticky to get all this money? You like did that stickydrama sky thing and then sticky house and now this!!! seriously I know so many people that couldn’t even dream of affording this
    Lucky :]

  7. Awe man! Like my parents will be peachy happy with me knowing how to hack [which I do] and letting me go to LA by myself.

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