Another one bites the dust.

Bisante, a top-ranked Stickam Entertainer with purdy blue eyes, deleted his profile this evening.  The deletion was made with little fanfare, his only announcement being a blurb on his Plurk account.

Bisante claims to have grown frustrated with Stickam fame and its concomitant drama—namely, hackers, phonecalls,threats, and of course lag.  He will henceworth seek fame, stardom and riches on YouTube and BlogTV. (Good luck with that.)
In his own words:

Will Bisante pull a Tomy Toolshed and return in week?  We sure hope so.  There’s nothing more delicious than when bitches come crawling back.


  1. To clear things up:
    I never said becoming e-fame would get me anywhere in life, its all for fun and games…
    i deleted it because i was over stickam and everything about it.. nothing big…
    im obviously well known on stickam since i WAS on the rankings and shit.. so dont give me that…
    I WILL i repeat I WILL get famous, irl, internet, anywhere…. EVERYWHERE, for those who think i wont just remember me.. i promise you when im big ill be laughing in your faces but i know some one will comment this back saying how big of a fag i am..
    btw. i didnt think leaving was a big deal.. dont blame me stickydrama wrote about it…
    but me being on the front page of a stickam drama site.. doesnt that mean i was known? or made a name for myself… anyway
    pce. haha sorry im bored lol

  2. Seriously?He thinks he’s going to be youtube famous?You’ve got to be kidding me.He is probably one of the least funniest people on Stickam.That kid is fucking ridiculous if he thinks being “e-famous” will get him anywhere in life, especially because he has absolutely nothing to offer.I’m glad he is off stickam. Another thing, who would really buy anything from his store?Jeez, he’s an idiot.

  3. Lol, it’s funny that everytime someone has a lot of friends on Stickam they think they’re all famous and shit.
    Bisante will always be a nobody who thinks hes soo hot when hes really not at all and hes also not interesting. Sucks to be him.
    And aliiii love, lol. Done sucking other entertainers cocks yet?

  4. alliiiii love…
    Just cause you got naked for bisante doesnt make him famous.
    You’ve done it for many a guy. It’s ok, your still as useless on stickam as helen keller was going through a corn maze.

  5. ^ exactly!
    a lot of these losers on stickam
    try to act like such hot shit
    because they have 829384 viewers.
    Where has that gotten them in life?
    At least some do it for fun
    and not do it to get “fame”.
    Internet fame fades away, eventually.
    Why not get a life outside of
    the entire internet life and get
    noticed for something important
    rather than being a dumbass/copycat/stuckup little kid?

  6. haha he was only eye candy to faggots anyways so it doesn’t matter that he couldn’t handle his “e-fame” and deleted his account like a little bitch. xD


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