Thank fucking god the Rapist lost.
While the ultimate result was the same, there were two interesting disparities between StickyDrama’s poll and the official Stickam tally. First, our own poll put Audiowh0regasm as the victor by a fairly large margin, whereas according to Stickam’s results her victory was less crushing. Second, Friends For Hire placed significantly lower in the actual voting.
Howsoever the breakdown is, StickyDrama is relieved that we’ll be able to continue making couch-surfing jokes at the expense of the Rapist, who had hoped to use the $2000 prize as a deposit on his own apartment.


  1. “adam paranoia rigged it so he can have meet up and have sex with audio. she?ll lose her V card for him while she?s at SXSW”
    i lol’ed at that one.

  2. Anyone else love how, now that she’s won the contest, she NEVER gets on stickam any more? She doesn’t deserve this.

  3. >:| gee if sticky would have posted johns nudes he’d probably have more votes then what he had. i mean we cant help that chelsea is a whore and chose to give her nudes to chris 😀 her fault. honestly john should have won. he doesnt live with his parents nor is he spilled and gets what ever he wants. you know just saying :]

  4. audiowhoregasm is a boring cunt. at least john was entertaining. all shes going to do is sit there while 47 year old men try to make her show her boobs to them.

  5. thats a fake audio :[
    John is a fucking douche with no life! he is just sad that he is poor. I mean if he is soo poor and wants to get his own apt, then why doesnt he go and get a job? Why is he making amor work while he sits on the comp or sleeps all day! Hes just a low life with no life. He is going to be a dead beat daddy too i am sure!

  6. adam paranoia rigged it so he can have meet up and have sex with audio. she’ll lose her V card for him while she’s at SXSW.

  7. Uhh Audio? ^^ come down to earth.
    Ehh, i voted for John, except in the first round. I love John and Chelsea, but john was muh candidate. Oh well.

  8. they both suck the raping racist and a no talented cunt fuck shaggy was the only good one out of them fuckin all

  9. considering audio talks like a wigger i wish more people would have voted for hock atleast he knows he is white.
    I wish he would rape some more willing girls cause thats way more entertaining than this dumb bitch.

  10. ewwww. john should have won. hes a hell of alot more entertaining than chelsea. shes fucking boring
    and her video for hte casting call was lame. shit i fast forwarded half way through it

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