Many StickyDrama readers were quick to notice that the Audiowh0rgasm seen during SXSW was somewhat different-looking than the Audiowh0rgasm familiar to Stickam. The mystery is sure to be revived, now that two new, vastly different n00dz of the Entertainer have been released.

The above photo was released in reaction to another, much more slender photo that was also sent to StickyDrama, by yet another anonymous angel. The photo below has been passed around all day long, and struck many as false:

Truth be told, StickyDrama is not very impressed by the slender version. While its retouching is convincingly photorealistic, the Audio depicted therein strikes us as an Ethiopian runway model, simply too thin to be believed. And too unhealthy to be desirable.
On the other hand, whereas the untrained eye is quick to take the plumper belly for the real one, StickyDrama actually suspects MORE Photoshop in the supposedly “unretouched” photo. Real photos, especially low-quality digital ones, have “digital noise” or “grain” … little specks that pepper the entire image. We could not help but notice how the rotund Audio’s belly is very smooth—a clear indication of amateur retouching.
So where does reality lie? Probably somewhere inbetween. Rather than come down definitively one way or the other, we post both photos and allow our readers to debate their authenticity. In order to maximize the exposure of these photos, which as n00dz go aren’t very scandalous, we have decided to cover her left nipple and post them on our main page.
May the vicious comments begin!


  1. ha.
    i think its the top one but
    the roundness of the belly would
    be slanted downwards and someone
    just edited it to make it
    bubbley looking.
    keep in mind her legs.
    the legs dont seem to be edited
    and if she were that skinny in
    the 2nd photo her legs wouldnt
    be that large looking.
    and the lighting.
    it seems that the lighting has
    glinted off her skin to make the
    appearence brighter and smoother.
    or someone just edited it on
    both pictures to look like that.

  2. the “fat” one makes it look as if the tanline at her underwear line is actually underwear, but shes naked, soo, im thinking its fake, also because her boobies are tiny. i thought they were supposed to be nice…?

  3. thats not that audio chick anyways.
    and the top is photoshopped
    look at the size difference with the white squared thing in her tub

  4. The bloated image shows doctoring. Look at the mirror’s bottom edge, it is bubbled too and not a straight line. Throw it up in photoshop if you don’t believe it.

  5. Obviously Diva doesn’t have tan lines, she spends her life on the computer.
    Anyways, this is dumb.

  6. Fuckin lame …who cares if some one is fat or fuckin skinny ppl r fuckin ppl
    put up a new post..

  7. LAWL. both ewwwww. But lol jeeze at the bump in the bottom one, and where is the actual john hocks ridicule on this one? Kiki is right (for once) and Chelsea is too they do have WAY to much time on there hands to leave.. uhm 176 comments on bleeped photoshopped nudes.

  8. i think the skinny one is real
    because you can see her ribcage from where she sucked in.
    it makes no sense to see a ribcage on a girl who has a big tummmy like that.
    and again, the film grain is smooth.

  9. Sticky you are missing out on a big story! Bob Dylan’s granddaughter Heather reopend her myspace and was on Stickam after lyke 2 years of being gone. remember when she was being threatend/ SHE WAS ON STICKAM TOPLESS! you have chances to talk about real celebrity(kid of a celeb) and not internet wannabees!Find them!! someones gt to have a huge bank of that knd of shit. shes hot

  10. I met her at the beach before. She is NOT that big, nor that skinny. she’s in between those two. they are definately both photoshopped.

  11. stickydrama’s actual posts haven’t really been boring, they’ve just been really spaced out.

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