With short hair, Tommy Marie is a dead ringer for Stickam’s cutest Jew and biggest attention whore, Elliot Ben.

And if that’s not lulzy enough for you, check out Elliot’s old Myspace profile.

Guess that Jews, like wine, improve with age.



  1. he either lied, or he is just stupid and making shit up.
    he said he gave it to someone.
    wouldn’t they sign in?
    i’d think so.
    lol @ that anon saying it was rly 1/8/07
    it says Last Login:1/7/2007
    Signup Date: 01/07/07
    Last Updated: Jan 7, 2007
    that was copied off the profile.

  2. he really didnt lie.
    he just said ‘old myspace,and its about 100 years old.’even though he only had it for one day.so if you think about it,what was he lying about?

  3. that screenshot has to be taken last year haha
    because it says “last login 1/07/2007”
    but on the actual profile it says 1/08/2007!


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