Congrats to Stevie Ryan who starred in a commercial which aired during the Super Bowl. We polled our post Superbowl audience for about 2 hours and they voted largely in favor of her part in the moderately amusing commercial.


    1. “but with that annoying laughter, and Vally girl cliche, its not GOING anywhere.”

      You realize that was kind of the point? She was supposed to be annoying.

    2. It’s sad that people still hate on her. We get it you don’t like her but you cannot deny that this is a big deal. Yes it’s a big deal, Cheetos paid a lot of money to have the commercial air during the superbowl, therefore they must have thought Stevie was right for the job. She’s doing commercials for BIG NAME brands, it’s more than what any of us has done. Just bite your fucking tongue and stop crying over it because you’re jealous.

    3. Some of you might not like her, but being in a super bowl commercial is kindof a big deal. Sooo many people see it, because it is pretty much the most popular televised event of the year. People watch it for the commercials just as much as they do the football.

    4. The commercial didn’t amuse me
      too much, but the fact that she
      at least is showing up on tv shows
      she is going somewhere with her life.
      The thing I like about Stevie is she
      doesn’t make a big deal out of being
      on TV. Unlike other people….. :: cough :: .. haha.

    5. Shut up haters.
      Were you on a commercial? Was Johnny Boy or Chris Crocker in a commercial. HELL NO.
      She’s the only one from the internet that is going to make it because she is ACTUALLY talented.

      Whoop-dee-fucking-do. And yeah, it was aired during the Super Bowl, but with that annoying laughter, and Vally girl cliche, it’s not GOING anywhere. Her voice kind of makes me want to take sicks of dynamite, and shove them so far into my ear canal that I can feel it protruding in to my brain, and proceed to blow my fucking head off. Stickydrama’s gone to shit.
      Stop fucking congratulating people and talk about the shit we used to care about. As T.V. said, Sticky is a sick obsession, and it’s one I’m proud to admit. Me, with all my flaws and imperfections, am allowed to sign into this website and tear an asshole to the person trying to become e-famous. Someone who seems untouchable. Well, you’re all pathetic. Trying for e-fame, because you can’t get the real thing. Taking the step from sitting in front of your webcam and looking pretty to actual intelligence is a large step, impossible seeming to most of you. The Stickam obsession with fucking scene kids willing to do anything for some slight amount of attention is absolutely sickening. A neuron from someone would be appreciated. And this is what’s so upsetting about Ian. He was smart, and funny. And not a complete asshole. But of course he had to pass, because he seemed a decent human being, possibly humbled by a drug addiction, instead of acting like he had one to be cool.
      God you are all so sick it hurts. I miss when this was fun, but now it’s just tiresome.

    7. wAIT..DID the one Anom say HALF..
      Try 99 percent of the stickam entertainers not doing anything…
      sure you got Crocker showing fake $15,000 checks.
      But fuck it. Im drunk. My home team won the superbowl. Fuck it.
      I might have given myself away but only to thsoe who already know who I really am. If you can figure out google enough to figure out my true identity…go for it..I don’t care. Stickydrmaa is only a sick addiction for me..coming here and bashing the lame faggots like Brandon and Chris who think they’re going to be glamourous and famous. I have my standup comedy gigs and when I go up there and feel that rush from the crwod…I know thats where I belong…that’s all I want ot do is entertain The People…and night after night when people come to me and tell me how funny my fat girls, etc bit was, that’s when I know thats where I want to be. TV and internet is for the birds…Id rather be on the stage..televised or not…I want to entertain…


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