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@DarrenShuman Has A Hole Nobody Would Touch


Darren Shuman, a friend of Nick of Radiation Year, was crashing over at StickyHouse for a few days.  For a little while, Amor Hilton badly wanted him to rummage around her vag.

But then the fancy took him to remove his half-inch labret piercing and show us a hole that nobody would touch.  Not even Amor.  Still, we had the fortitude to whip out our handy dandy videophone and recorded what we consider to be quite possibly the grossest video ever posted here.  Yeah, grosser than that girl who let her dog eat her pussy, grosser than the bitch with one arm fucking her boyfriend, even grosser than that video of some fat faggot breaking a glass bottle up his ass.
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Most labret piercings are much smaller than a half-inch, mostly because labret’s don’t stretch.  In order to fit a whopping half-inch gauge into his labret, Darren made the wise decision to have that section of his face cut out with a scalpel.
Ah, youth.


  1. ^ I had that idea for a while, but then I realized these fucktards are never going to earn enough money to pay for that shit.

  2. The tattoo removal and plastic surgery to repair ridiculous piercings and tats that are out of style are gonna be big $$$ in the next few years.

  3. He is a carrier of hpv js. He’s disgusting and his toes are green. Not lying. I know him irl and he’s a piece of shit. He’s not hott. He helped nick rob some bitches house. He’s a great asset to society… Not.

  4. Oh yeah, the BME which gave us the video of a guy cutting off his cock and balls.
    As long as it’s not as bad as that…
    fucking stupid kids.

  5. Anon at 7:58 said it all. All you guys saying this is gross more than likely have a stomach as delicate as paper. If you think this is gross, I dare you to take a look at BME.

  6. See now, He’s really fucking attractive. however that hole in his face, isn’t so attractive. but whatever. I’d still fuck him. yeah. I want him

  7. mygif
    Anonymous said, March 6th, 2010 at 7:58 pm
    Lol. His labret is tiny compared to a lot of people on BME.
    Sticky, you can stretch a labret piercing without having to get it scalpelled. Nearly everything on the human body is stretchable.
    And for fuck sake, plugs aren’t called ‘gauges’. A gauge is the unit of measurement. Not the jewelry or piercing.
    you are all win.

  8. that’s fucking disgusting and his sagging ear flaps grossed me out too. also the fat bitch all up in everyone’s grill grossed me out.
    and also just imagining the tangy cheese stench of amor always grosses me out.


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