Girl, seriously.  We don’t expect you to be perfect.  In fact, we love you precisely because you’re such a hopeless mess.  But we were disappointed to learn that you still haven’t evolved beyond tawdry cellphone n00dz.  If you’re going to take naughty pictures, then you might as well fart baby eels out your ass for ten grand a poop.  No more of this $150 bullshit.




We’re not going to post your uncensored n00dz here, but we’re sure as hell not going to spend all fucking day long removing them from our comments.


  1. since you took the censored noods down and are moderating the comments does this mean we get naughty vids of jake from amor? lmfao

  2. there’s way more than the same three people posting here and most are posting really butthurting facts about amor karma’s a bitch

  3. seriously, I never got what was so wrong with being a slut. I think Amor is fine, and everyone knows she is. btw “Hollywood hand job” was like 4 weeks ago. Sticky moved on, so should you.

  4. ^ her hands are fucking brown. LOL.
    Ohyes posting comments to get efamous. That makes so much sense, you posted a comment as well, you must be looking for efame as well. Obv.

  5. jennjenn thinks shes cool and going to get e famous because she makes a stupid fucking comment on everyyy fucking post.. get a real life :]

  6. She should get tested for STD’s and different forms of Hepatits.
    With all the drugs Im sure she’s put herself at risk, who knows the quality of her tattoos and piercing, and with nameless sex with any guy(she obviously doesn’t pick many clean ones) she could really be in trouble.
    Just a thought :/

  7. lol @ all this haters or should I say three haters, because it’s the same three people posting over and over. LOOSERS!

  8. hahaha i think shes pretty. who gives a fuck. i bet half of the people dissing her do the SAME exact thing. fucking retards

  9. not too many people know because by her own admission she moves in with and obviously fucks guys she doesn’t even really know so i am pretty sure the guy doesn’t know or care to know anything about her like even her real name. hahha. she’s so fucking gross.

  10. see the thing is that not all of the people talking about it were guys that were ex’s. they weren’t mad at her. they were talking about it just like dudes talk. there’s nothing immature about it. she smells bad there. even girls that are still friendly with her said she smells bad. it wasn’t anything vindictive. it was just something that was noticeable. there’s more than a few people that are coming forward and agreeing with it and it’s not all haters. A lot of people get hate on this site, but that’s not something that is brought up again and again by different people who ACTUALLY KNOW her and some are still “friends” with her. It’s whatever, believe what you want, but that’s not something like calling a girl a slut. that’s not something you just make up. Enough separate people bringing it up plus the fact that she doesn’t take care of herself and isn’t healthy equals the statement that she is foul there is most likely true. There are lots of immature ex’s out there, but that’s not something usually said. IT was because she really does smell bad enough to mention it. lol!!!

  11. um hello if you asked any of my ex’s things about me I’m sure some of them would be immature and make up shit too. In fact that’s already happened so unless you’ve actually smelled her irl you don’t know shit, you’re just a dumbfuck. ^^

  12. umm, at least two of the guys that said she smelled rank were actually her irl boyfriends. Word gets around when you talk irl too. btw, just because she doesn’t remember getting fucked in a club when she was high on a bunch of crap doesn’t mean she didn’t. She did and she was rank. To the person that said “She obviously knows what she is getting into”. I highly doubt she does because do you think she wanted her previous boyfriends and fuck buddies to come forward saying how bad she stinks and do you really think she was thinking when she took pictures that made her look like a high, used up whore that sober people were going to be able to see how saggy her chest (when she is just standing there and not trying to alter the look of them by holding them in or up or lifting the arm or laying down…all tricks of the trade) and how underdeveloped her ass is? it takes someone who really doesn’t know what she is doing to do this. This shit is really fucking embarrassing and it wouldn’t be worth all the pathetic internet views in the world. Having thousands of people know that amor (what’s her full REAL/birth name?) has really bad hygiene and is rotting from the inside out due to her lack of eating and previous drug use must really suck! She fails at life. She failed at even killing herself. She uses her friends, cough, cough, if you can call them that and she especially uses her boyfriends. have fun getting used by a used rag.

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