A curious mix of Stickam users met in Hey0oxjon’s Live last night, and some good old dirt was dug up.
Jon had invited his current e-squeeze Kiki Kannibal, transexual immigrant Anthony Vanity, the rapist and his victim Danielle Alexandria for an all-out drama session. Other troublemakers included Mikeyy, NathanAmazing, Ownage Pranks and of course StickyDrama.
StickyDrama screen-recorded Jon’s entire Live, sat back, and let the hate begin. Many old feuds as well as old photos were aired out; and several entertainers’ n00dz were streamed out of spite:



  1. fucking beautifull bravo bravo more i loved watching hock make an ass out of himself and kiki thinking she knows shit pay per view shit right here

  2. It’s kind of rediculous how they date eachother and hang out with eachother online. And wtf is with Kiki’s hair?

  3. Wtf is sns talking about
    i dont complain of stickydrama using me for this so called”cannon fodder” the fuck that is l0l0l
    And half of these people came on their own i didint invite a few some i invited for the lulz I did not ask for this to be posted nor do i need the attention of having a stickydrama post ive been on here before? rifk
    Learn your shit
    up your game

  4. its funny kiki talks shit aboiut ugly people without her daddys visa shed still fucking look like that
    at least ive been hott since i was a kid
    fuck kiki

  5. “Johns neck really is bigger than his head.
    Kiki really is 16.
    Amor really is preggy.
    & They all date people online.
    Idno why they?re fighting about it? lol”

  6. you all are fucking retarded nd cant accept the fact that we are actually decent people and can sit in the same live room without making someone in their cry get the fuckk over it 😀

  7. yeah why does that danielle girl suck up to john so much? why would she even WANT to talk to him? he made her look like the complete slutty foolish bitch that she is. and all she has to say is.. LOLLLLLLL or HAHAHAHAHA every 2 seconds. wow.

  8. Right, so one minute he complains thatt stickydrama is constantly using him for cannon fodder….
    ….and THEN he arranges something like this, which will blatenly just cause chaos and upset people and get him instantly on here?
    Attention seeking much!
    Although why did all these people agree to take part in that live thing? Everyone on stickam is just an attention whore.

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