Rumors that John Hock has been released from jail are false.  Hock is still being held at Lower Buckeye Jail in Phoenix, Arizona.  The source of the rumors were updates to Hock’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.  While both those accounts were indeed used by the real Hock prior to his incarceration, it is impossible that Hock himself could have recently updated them.




Hock’s booking number is P549598.  By calling the Maricopa County Jail Information Center at (602) 876-0322, anyone can confirm that Hock is still at the facility.  In fact,

Hock is located exactly at floor T, house 21, pod B, cell 15, bed 2.  The “no frills” policy at the jail—which is Arizona’s largest—makes it highly unlikely that Hock has internet access.  Whoever has been updating Hock’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, is not Hock.


  1. John hock is still in jail, confirmed.
    Anon 5:00pm if Eden infact said that, his type is commonly known as a “LIAR”. He obviously just wanted attention.

  2. Fuck…as usual I will have to say that nobody gives a fuck about John hock anymore and if they ever did then that sucks for them lololol

  3. I’ve been talking to him and we’ve been talking about like personal things. Like things we used to talk about 2 years ago when we were good friends. How could the fake know all this stuff.

  4. If Johns still in jail, i’m sure he’s being protected for snicker bars or something.
    His moms really nice, he’s probably one of the few in there with money on his books

  5. As someone charged with a sex crime, he’s probably sharing a cell with another rapist or a snitch in the protective custody part of the jail.

  6. Shrf. Joe Arpaio has been noted as the toughest one in the country, he’s a super conservative douche.
    Have fun eating ostrich bologna and having barely any rights.
    A lot of people spend a year in jail in AZ before they’re even sentenced and moved to prison.
    This kid has been getting beat up in Arizona since he was 16 for doing the same exact shit he’s in jail for.
    Rapist scumbag, I hope you get fucked and shanked in jail. And I’m not kidding. You’ll probably get beat up when you get out too. Hahaha.

  7. butttttt….. eden said on his twitter that he got a voicemail from john when he woke up. and then he later talked to him on the phone.
    so, urm, yeah, hes OUTTT.


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