Rumors that John Hock has been released from jail are false.  Hock is still being held at Lower Buckeye Jail in Phoenix, Arizona.  The source of the rumors were updates to Hock’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.  While both those accounts were indeed used by the real Hock prior to his incarceration, it is impossible that Hock himself could have recently updated them.




Hock’s booking number is P549598.  By calling the Maricopa County Jail Information Center at (602) 876-0322, anyone can confirm that Hock is still at the facility.  In fact,

Hock is located exactly at floor T, house 21, pod B, cell 15, bed 2.  The “no frills” policy at the jail—which is Arizona’s largest—makes it highly unlikely that Hock has internet access.  Whoever has been updating Hock’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, is not Hock.


  1. actually, anon, that tweet was before john was even updating his twitter, when MATTY left me a voicemail acting like john
    that’s why i said that
    ps. THIS IS RAE FUCKIN LANCIONE FRUM MYSPACEE!!!!! add me im famussssssss

  2. I think the fact that so many of them were/are convinced they were talking to the douchebag himself proves that any “friends” he has are pinheaded morons.

  3. I think anybody who was friends with John Hock shouldn’t look forward to seeing him for about another 3-5 years.

  4. well there isnt any proof.. then he is innocent!
    they should monitor his ass and let him go!
    simple as that

  5. There are a crapload of witnesses, not just a video.
    Sounds like Hock needs to get a lawyer who knows wtf he’s talking about:
    Sexual assault is when a person intentionally or knowingly engages in sexual intercourse ***or oral sexual contact**** with any person without consent of such a person and is a class 2 felony. In the State of Arizona, a person under the age of 18 years old cannot consent to sexual intercourse or oral sexual contact. A first time offense can lead to a prison term from 5.2 to 14 years.

  6. The attorney for Johnathon Hock, 21, also wrote that his client’s Internet fame gave rise to enemies who were jealous of him, including the man who turned over the recording to Phoenix police, and they took advantage of the situation to spread false rumors.

  7. Jesus fucking christ are you OBSESSED with john hock or something? It makes me laugh how much effort and time you spend on him.
    Get a life, why not spend your time doing something more productive? Why are you wasting so much time on some guy from the internet?

  8. John Hock came over yesterday. I gave him a beer, and than asked “WAIT ARNT YOU IN JAIL”, and he vanished.

  9. wow. read my fucking comments stupid 15 year olds. i said i NEVER said he left me voicemails we just talked on twitter.
    i have no reason to lie about anything, i get all the attention i need and MORE from you little shits
    stop trying to drag me into everything when im not even involved in this shit you fucking anon pussy ass bitches

  10. while i agree with what ryan has said (minus calling arpaio a douche, i find he follows laws as they should be – you fuck up, you get fucked over!) ANYWAYS i find it funny that ryan voices his thoughts on hock, while ryan got hocks dirty, nasty leftovers hahah okay ryan!

  11. stop messaging him and thinking its the real Hock because there’s a number that Sticky posted for a reason-CALL and find out for yourself bitch.

  12. cant someone who is friends with him irl confirm if he’s in prison or not? i mean, its not like he was ever a loner…

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