It did not escape StickyDrama’s attention that Gage Arthur sucked face with Jeffree Star.

However we were loath to post the video, lest we give credence to the ridiculous assumption that every worthless creature touched by Jeffree’s lips turns into an e-celeb.
Loath to post, that is, until we learned that Gage is presently shacking up with Stickam’s most infamous statutory rape victim, Danielle Alexandria.

Gage is 18, and Danielle is 15; any hanky-panky between the two is a no-no under California law, where the age of consent is 18. Interesting that Danielle bought Gage’s plane ticket to Orange County, California, where he is crashing at Brandon Kiss’s pad along with October Hallow, Frankie Donjae, the extremely suckable Dennis Hegstad and Dennis’s girlfriend who can remain nameless and drop dead of AIDS for all we care.
No word on whether Gage has pulled a Hock and banged some underage vag, but d00d! StickyDrama wouldn’t pay to fly a boy across the freakin country unless we were getting cock out of it. Would you?


  1. one thing i have to say is i know both of them and gage always wanted to me like john hock and danielle you are a slut dont try and deny it you have fucked girls and guys. you told me you have slept with OVER 12 guys and your 15 thats gross and gage always fucks young girls he has slept with 13 and 14 year olds and you cant deny it he does crack and hes gross and i hope they both get fucking aids and die

  2. Okay, I hate to post a comment on this post because things have already been blown way out of proportion. THen again, I might as well clear things up. Okay, first of all, I didn’t buy Gage a plane ticket out here. I helped him find someone to get him money for one. Secondly, Gage JUST turned 18 less than two weeks ago. I understand that in the eyes of the law, it is illegal, but then again we haven’t had sex. I’m pretty sure that plenty of you have been with someone 18 and older, but then again, I’m not one to judge. Plus, he IS my boyfriend, it’s not like I’m a whore for cuddling him for god’s sake. And lastly, I seem to be made out some huge slut. I know for a fact that Frankie was told so before he met me, and after he hung out with me, he realized all the rumors were BULLSHIT. I’m quite the opposite in person. This is my last comment on this post, and I’m not even going to bother reading the responses. I just thought I’d clear things up. It’s my life, and I live it how I want. Deal.

  3. Julia <3
    and dennis is like one of the nicest guys i’ve ever known.
    and julia, if someone does talk shit about frankie you can cut off their heads but i get to cut off their ballz. js.

  4. oh and btw,
    1. brandon i fkin love you.
    2. dennis is one of the sweetest guys ive ever met.
    3. if you mention frankie with any negative connotation again, ill cut all of your heads off.
    4. danielle is a sweetie pie, and shell turn out alright.
    5. i dont know gage and dgaf.
    nuff said.

  5. hold on ima copy and paste that
    xmegoxpotatox (6:19:03 PM): one of the problems i see with this post is the fact that one of our “friends” is selling out our other friends. i heard u guys thought it was drew. come on now… drew is one of the few to actually be trusted. id like to believe october is all well and honest but as im rarely around anymore and see things from the outside i wouldnt be surprised if she was the one who sent in this rediculous picture, partly cause i could have swore i heard her say was a “rat” for stickydrama. i like october but i dont think i trust her. that picture, like jarett says proves nothing anyways. really i think we should focus on who the real friends are and kick out the fucking drama making pieces of shit. k thanks. and im saying this partly because of the shit i hear about myself within the group or stuff ive been accused of thats not true. if anything i said makes anyone mad oh well but theres a bit of fucking honesty for you to choke on. danielle, brandon, drew, frankie, jarett, tam, ily.

  6. Since when was cuddlin’ a whore thing to do? If you all are implying they had sex then these are accusations not facts. Stop drawing conclusions and calling either of them whores. Stickydrama come on, you know this story is about as stupid as flagon… Nothing shows that they did anything. Get the sex tape and then we’re in business

  7. James you’re a fuckjing idiot.
    a 15yr old dating an 18yr old is completely different than a 20yr old & 23yr old.
    15 IS UNDER AGE!
    Nobody cares about the age difference, it would be fine if she was legal but she’s not which makes her a slut.
    so yeah stfu defending her.


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