Here is the server’s IP address and open ports.  Your goal is to tag/deface the index page with your name and stickam link.  
A firewall installed on the server will automatically ban contestants who launch a DOS attack, port scan, or brute force.  The first 4 bans will be temporary, 30 minutes in duration; the fifth ban is permanent.
OPEN PORTS:  20, 21, 22, 80, 443, 2087, 2083, 22000, 22001


  1. I am studying the art of exploiting, through the wonderful 1980’s classic movie WarGames.
    Sorry, subtle jive to those haxors who know of this film in which I speak of.
    I regress, this is not a stroke that I can or have the knowledge on how to hack. Js.
    If anyone has a chance to visit chicago, get jerry springer tickets, a gracious experience with numerous titties.

  2. i think jenjen is hott
    and btw
    that “new myspace” is not mine.
    ive been ghost.
    i like turtles
    stop faking me.
    i’m done with my internet shit
    no longer an internet celeb, and no longer want to be one.
    stop faking me.
    aim is johnhocksays
    and that’s all i have.
    like i said before
    -the real john hock.

  3. LOL wow, you don’t even know what you’re talking about.
    yes because I have a vast vocabulary I must read the dictionary. seems to make sense.
    I mean I could insult generalizations of your personality. but I’m too busy reading dictionaries.

  4. excuse me while i go seize in a hospital so i can tell people i was close to death.
    hopefully it’ll give everyone more of an incentive to pay attention to the words i get off of and post on a gossip blog all day=

  5. I don’t care for peoples respect, I am what I am.
    When someone says something with my name in it, I’m going to respond. As I am going right now.

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