Here is the server’s IP address and open ports.  Your goal is to tag/deface the index page with your name and stickam link.  
A firewall installed on the server will automatically ban contestants who launch a DOS attack, port scan, or brute force.  The first 4 bans will be temporary, 30 minutes in duration; the fifth ban is permanent.
OPEN PORTS:  20, 21, 22, 80, 443, 2087, 2083, 22000, 22001


  1. jenn i don’t know why you feed them with more comments though…like why keep feeding them, when you could just stop and let it be.
    i would have had more respect if you would have just said nothing.

  2. The only thing left stopping me is a firewall that never goes down never hiccups never anything its permanently online for good unless compromised (which is nawt happening) LOL
    Heres a screenshot for details on how far in i got which was basically right to just getting the last connection and i would have index page sitting there >.>
    Oh well some things are to hard to get into it was fun as hell though 😀

  3. Bottom line is: some sites are vulnerable to hacks and some aren’t. I can’t wait for my IM log to be posted, funny how sticky got all upset and mad T me yet 7465527282 other people did the same shit, go figure

  4. i think you all are wasting too much time reading this smut in lieu of actual research. a quick trip through my library gave me a few hints.
    or, if in doubt, se yourself into the building. :3

  5. jeeze people still posted about me? LOL.
    anony, the arguement that you are trying to makevthat I am scene still holds no water.
    while the contest is over some people have asked for the server to remain open so they can learn and mess around with the knowledge that sticky will post.
    which is the respectable thing to do so kudos.
    I’ve said before I’m a no one obviously few people can backtrack 😉

  6. i dont wanna sound like an arrogant dick,
    but ur previous post, stated 2 complaints, and 1 questions – “bitch about shit” means complaints? right?
    and i forgot to answer you, hackers at a young age like attention and feel its has no effect on their “real life”.
    sorry if there are typos, i wanted to type this really fast so i could go to bed, hopefully this makes sense to most of you:
    An anonymous hacker, is normally going to hack more mainstream shit like commercial websites and sites unrelated to such small tasks as “hacking myspaces, facebooks, stickam accounts” where being anon is important for legal issues…if u hack any of those social network accounts its only a simple “social hack” where you obtain the users info through learning about the victim and trial and error on the password recovery questions on email accounts…
    hacking websites, is a whoollllee different category, revolving around knowing how the server runs, the ports that are open to talk to the server, how info transmits from the server to the viewer of the page….simple yet complex security system
    but i digress, for hacking a website that is personally owned, or for a contest, it cant really have an effect on ur real life, so ur safe to admit your a hacker

  7. i dont post 100 times, i dont claim to be something im not and i dont bitch about shit, hence.. i dont need nor want attention i just stated my thoughts like everyone else

  8. alex shush, u just want attention.
    Well, here ya go =P
    dont be jealous of other peoples drama, hense then name of the site….
    if u dont like drama, dont come to

  9. a) who the fuck is jennjenn and whys everyone feeding her ego
    b) if someone is a true “hacker” they do not let you know who they are for obvious reasons
    c) why am i posting on here lulz

  10. Well, JennJenn, I’m sorry to inform you..BUT the ‘hip’ thing for prepubescent teenage girls (I.e. Scene girls in general.)to do WOULD IN FACT be the use of -two- and symbols rather than just one. Observe, Child, whilst I demonstrate for thee. “omgz i just got new x10shuns && they haz stripes in dem.”
    Understand? : )


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