In announcing her miscarriage, Amor Hilton mentions what an “emotional” time it is for e-famous couple. But in contrast to Amor’s public display of grief, John Hock is overjoyed to have once again escaped the responsibilities of fatherhood. Shaynuh Chanel sent StickyDrama these caps which reveal his relief:

While at first blush Hock’s remarks might strike the reader as heartless, can we really blame him? It is apparent to anyone with eyes to see that he and Amor are not in the ideal situation to raise a child. While his choice of words may be postworthy in their chilling sang-froid, perhaps Hock realizes that oblivion is preferable to any existence he could provide.


  1. actually, for everyone saying the “thank god” was aimed at something else in chat, you can see that nicole says “liar” and chelsea says “i did, i passed out at around 7 am”. so, yeah.

  2. Seriously, Stickydrama, some of the things that happen to these ‘Stickam Famous’ people, should be kept between themselves. No need to post it for the whole Stickam world to get try to get involved.

  3. The only bamboozle drama I saw was jeffree and chris crocker making out and holding hands during PATD’s set.
    other than that, not much else went on.

  4. blah blah… blah… oh yeah and blah… Everybody just needs to leave them alone. They have enough issues.

  5. i don’t understand why everyone’s making a big deal out of him calling her a cunt, i mean its really not THAT bad.
    I’d rather be called a cunt than something personal like ‘your a fat bitch and noone likes you’ or something.
    (thats an example, im NOT saying amor is a fat bitch who nobody likes)

  6. LMFAO, this is soo soo sad people are crying about john calling amor a cunt, amor as much as i love you, you was really yelling at john. but no need to be called a cunt though. and you can tel;l that thank god was aim at somthing else in chatt. and sticky you are really failing atm all we see on this site is “john + amor miscarrage” come up with somthing different this time people have caught you out on this article, i dont think you understand people are getting bored of your posts! lol to be you owning this piece of shit website 🙂

  7. what a surprise that chelsea was in there. I dislike her more and more by the day.
    I just hope amor finds happiness, with or without him. She deserves it.

  8. Wow, sticky.
    You seriously need to get over the John and Amor miscarriage thingy.
    It’s making them seem way more important than they really are. =/

  9. That bitch is nasty, pathetic and pitiful.
    How the fuck are you going to be posting bulletins about a threesome a week after a miscarriage?
    Have some pride.

  10. Funny now they are posting bulletins about a threesome.
    She should still be on the rag if she just had a miscarriage.
    Tell me who wants to hit that bloody snatch!?

  11. OKAY.
    don’t give the “they weren’t ready for a baby” bullshit.
    the moment you have unprotected sex you’re bascially telling your body that you’re ready.
    you do the crime, you pay the time.
    and i find it funny that when john got brooklyn pregnant a long time ago he was torn to pieces over her miscarriage.
    with amor he obv doesn’t give a shit.
    amor needs to get a fucking brain, and john needs to get a god damn condom for his slimy penis.
    the end.


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