Stickam Admins yet again banned Diana Chance, who is known online as the amateur pornographer Hot Mami, for yet again violating TOS.
Stickam has heretofore deleted her account countless times for nudity and sexually explicit performances in her Live. This time, however, the ban was a result of her repeated online harassment, invasion of privacy, and libel against several Stickam users, including StickyDrama. Admins determined that her so-called “Stop Cyber Abuse” campaign was little more than a smokescreen, allowing her to play the victim as she harassed others.
Mami falsely accused StickyDrama and several other users of belonging to a vast, well-organized network of bullies and stalkers. As our readers are well aware, StickyDrama rarely ventures beyond our chatroom, or the Lives of our few friends; and while our criticism of Stickam users is usually unflattering, it is not our practice to harass, chase or stalk users on Stickam or through other means such as AIM.


  1. hahaha what is a hot mami?…
    annoying stereotypical whore from jersey. . . ? i love it, i go into her room for like 2 minutes and all i hear is latino music over powered by a repulsive new jersey accent w/ enough nasal voice for me to have the impulse to blow my own nose 40 times….
    lets make sure she keeps getting banned . . . <3

  2. Hey guys, just so you all know, I want you to all tag team me. Disregard everything else I’ve said that was derogatory, as I was having a bad day because I was banned.

  3. Ok .. I promised myself .. I would NOT post 1 comment about this person or anything related to her on that matter.
    I did that all days, and Now, the buttons were pushed.
    IDC WHO THE OTHER PERSON IS, But i would like my legal name to be removed from here, immediately.
    I receive TONS of hate mail and Death threats DAILY on myspace for being Gay. And My name being posted here make it easy for this people to find me.
    Diana, If I get beat up or Shot on the street. YOU are the one that made it easy for THE SAME BULLIES U FIGHT AGAINST, to find me.
    GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR LIFE, This is the LAST msg you will EVER get from me. Even tho it’s indirectly contact.
    I JUST WANTED to make sure people understand that this is been done to me by you, and if I DIE over this, YOU did it.
    I don’t get people calling me a whore, I get people that want to KILL ME, for being free/ happy and gay.
    This is all !
    – AV

  4. 😀
    thispost sucks
    the only thing good about it
    is hot mami is banned
    the only people who like hot mami
    are the ones that jack off to a loose pussy
    dianna might as well stick her fucking webcam up there:D we might get to see some stds lmfao
    omg please dont sue me :O
    lmfao patheicc

  5. ?He sits in front of his computer ALL DAY – he?s a loner and easily intimidated, but online, he pretends to be almighty?interesting enough, inside he feels inferior?. Oh dear!
    Ur talking about Beef CAke Mikey right??

  6. haha i made Mikey Mad..its okay hey..some girls love fat guys that dig anime…i don’t know them..but hey i’m sure there is a few.don’t hate me cause u know i dress better than u and if u had a girl im sure i could take her.
    OKay okay how about we make a deal…this is the internet..ur never gonna see how about i go and keep being cool and eating my bucket of kfc chicken and u go wackoff to some Harry Potter and picture of girl’s in ur year book BAM everyone is happy!!!

  7. Hi GUYS my real name is Webster and im really fat and stupid..i love fact i sit up at home all day and watch south park and wack off to HOT REALLY ANGRY CAUSE SHE DOESN’T NOTICE ME..THE SAME WAY THE GIRLS THAT GO TO MY HIGHSCHOOL DONT NOTICE ME!!!

  8. luls after she paid all that money to have her stupid banners all over stickam. damns she prob paid hundreds of dollars and they still ban her, hahahahahhahah
    i guess her pussy squirt juice wasnt enough to save her this time


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