Two-thousand years have passed since the crucifixton of Jesus Christ. Two-thousand years of suffering had to be endured, until the Lord would forgive the Jews for the murder of His only Son. Two-thousand motherfucking years the Jews have waited for the mercy of God to shine on them, and let there be born a cute Jew.
Elliot Ben is that Jew.

Before he became the chart-topping subscription whore familiar to most of Stickam, Elliot was shameless in his efforts to attract more viewers. Especially pedofags. Left and right he would shake that tight little ass, wearing Hello Kitty pajamas to appear even younger than he is.

If Elliot’s ass is half as tight as his wallet—buy a fucking ad, you cheap jew—he’ll make a fantastic bottom.


  1. elliot is golden.
    and Elliot is not stickydrama,
    don’t get me wrong, I love him
    and his shows, but the boy can’t
    even spell follow. (:
    and he shakes his ass proudly.
    GTF-over it.

  2. What?! No story on Anthony Vanity’s drunken birthday party? I couldn’t watch the whole thing, it was pathetic. He sat there and went on and on about not getting a macbook from someone, solicited donations, and drank and drank. Sad , sad, drunken tranny whore, Stickam immigrant pig clown.

  3. I love Johnny. I don’t like anime first off. Secondly, who says that my real age? Way to assume? You ignorant for arguing with a 14 year old. How about you stop trying to “embarrass” me and leave?
    That?s a thought now isn’t it?
    Thirdly? What the fuck is serebiiforums?

  4. i’m the one who copied your name abt soccertrollluke lmfao
    i went in elliots live yesterday
    he gave me a migraine
    marisa i wish you didnt post your link, your main picture is a sign for corey lush ROFL js

  5. i’d put on a strapon and fuck that tight ass up the bum and take pictures of it & send stickydrama anyday! everything for e-fame! YAAA BABY!

  6. Did I ever state I was funny johnny? or epic? No I didn’t. You act like you funny saying I’m stalking you. We get the point. Stfu.

  7. soccermomluke that dosnt even make sense
    so just get in your minivan and keep stalking
    and your not so “epic” yourself
    and your definatly not funny
    you stalking


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