John Hock’s defense attorney Bruce Blumberg filed a motion on August 26, petitioning the Maricopa County Superior Court to release Hock from jail.  The motion is merely asking that Hock be released pending trial; it is not asking for the charges to be dismissed.  Under Arizona law, suspects awaiting trial for sex crimes can be held in jail without bail “when the proof is evident or the presumption great.”  


Readers can download the complete motion here.


The crux of Mr. Blumberg’s argument is that the video recording StickyDrama gave to Phoenix police does not depict the crime of sexual assault.  At least not under Arizona law.  Apparently, in the great State of Arizona, the fact that Hock “merely showed a peek of her mons vermis”—which is to say he flashed an unconscious girl’s pussy to a roomful of hundreds of strangers—is not a sexual assault.  Nopers!  Mr. Blumberg argues that since “no penetration of any sort” was shown on-camera, no penetration occurred  off-camera either.  And shame on us for presuming that when Hock dragged the unconscious girl’s inert body off-camera right after he exposed her vagina, he did anything inappropriate.


Aside from his legal arguments, Mr. Blumberg makes several outright mistakes regarding how Stickam’s live streaming service works.  Those mistakes prompted StickyDrama to send the prosecution our corrections (plus a little lagniappe about Hock’s close relationship with Stickam and some of its employees) in the form of an affidavit, which has the weight of sworn testimony in court.  We also included affidavits from Danielle Alexandria and Amor HIlton, both of whom had intimate relationships with Hock, and whose testimony might prove useful to one or both sides in the trial.


Because Stickam will not allow us to display their logo, and our web host will not allow us to display their messages to us regarding Hock’s warrant, we have blurred out some of the evidence in this post.  We also blurred out some personal information belonging to the witnesses, out of common-sense privacy.  Beyond that, the evidence below was faxed to the Maricopa County Attorney’s office late this afternoon.





  1. The reason the site is boring now is cause hock is in jail. most of the posts were about him, hes locked up and they are still trying to make posts about him, but they suck.

  2. I love the fact that there are still girls stupid enough to support and even still love john hock. It is sad to see just how stupid some girls can be.

  3. death to people who want hock free and to those hating on sticky fuck off, if you don’t like his site turn the fuck around

  4. Free Hock! Sticky is a lying piece of shit…& none of you guys were there that are commenting…everyone is just talking shit cuz sticky says it’s true. This is pathetic. 30 year olds fucking around with 19 year olds is just gross! So much for innocent until proven guilty. The video didnt show anything. RIGHT STICKY?

  5. He didn’t really have much choice but to hack his stupid hair off. Nobody is retarded enough to go in front of a court and then to jail wearing a bush made out of dead crows on their head.

  6. @Mathew kraven…legal age range doesnt make sticky a pedophile. im pretty sure sticky holds his standards higher than someone looking like hock, stickys too attractive.
    “If you wasn’t talking about one of my long time friends.”
    YOU DONT HAVE ANY FRIENDS, and learn some proper english.

  7. “But then again most of you dropped out of school, beg for money online, and are at risk of being homeless because your parents don’t want to support you anymore.”
    Is she talking about her husband ? What a dumb bitch !~

  8. Sticky is sad for writing this, but he’s not a pedophile.
    This site is boring as fuck now… there’s no good drama, everyone just hates everyone.. it’s stupid.

  9. Wow this isn’t even a gossip site anymore. It’s everyone hates everybody. I get the point of this site is to make voices heard and so on and so forth. But what the fuck people…Wishing death on people, going out of your way to make sure people get what you think they deserve. None of us were there for what Hock may or may not have done which from what we were shown,told,etc. It’s almost more than obvious. But why keep talking about it? I hate Hock as much as everyone else for the petty shit he’s done. But towards the end he was actually trying to clean up a little. His hair was his LIFE and he hacked it all off. Thats a huge step for him. Cause I mean look at the guy. Without his Scene King Hair he just looked like a flat out child molester. I knew him briefly before he became a monster and he was actually a good guy. He just wanted to fit in like every single one of you including me. As much as you say you don’t want to be accepted your lying. So let this whole thing run it’s course. It’s fairly evident all will get their justice due. And side note it wouldn’t be considered ass rape because Hock is VERY Bi. It’s no secret. By the way I’m in no way defending him. I’m simply saying open your front door and breathe some fresh air. Go for a jog or something. Stop being a creepy voyeur.

  10. Big difference between a pervert and a pedophile sweetheart. I personally don’t believe Sticky is either, but if we want to get technical, then google the definition of “pedophile”.
    And DeAnna, you know I love you girl. You hit the nail on the head.

  11. “It sticky. It doesn’t matter if there over 18.
    Your still old as fuck.
    Which makes you a pedophile dumbass.”
    Uh, no it doesn’t.

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    It sticky. It doesn’t matter if there over 18.
    Your still old as fuck.
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