What is with Stickam Entertainers? They just can’t seem to keep it covered. No sooner than StickyDrama had found Lush’s jerkoff video, were we sent raunchy photos of Juli Hudson, who has more friends on Stickam than any user except the aforementioned spamgod.
While Juli was not fully naked during the wet t-shirt contest, her nipples are clearly visible through her soaked clothes; and she engaged in some mild lesbo action as well with her friend, whose name we are told is Sara. Juli has heretofore claimed that there are no n00dz of her in existence.


  1. the girl in the pink bottoms is so bloated. she needs to lay off the booze and pick up that pipe. or light bulb..
    wet t-shirt contest= played-out

  2. she has an ok-ish body, but bitch does look like a man, like for real.. she may be a cool chick, but shes manly as hell, I was looking for a penis to be poking out of her bottoms.

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