A reader sent StickyDrama a link to the above video, which frankly left us stunned.  Scene on 7 appears to be legitimate, but we can’t believe they’d be so desperate for content as to devote a segment to internet lol-cow Brandon Hilton. What’s this world coming to?
Kimberly, click on our “Brandon Hilton” category to learn more about this so-called “celebrity.”


  1. LOL. will someone please sucker punch him in panama city and record it? I’d love to see that fag get his face beat in for being so fucking retarded and narcissistic

  2. 10 Things Lady Gaga has the BH never will:
    1) Over 2 million real followers on twitter.
    2) Originality.
    3) A real record label.
    4) The ability to have actual fans back her up and not her posting as someone else.
    5) Actual access to stars to do collaborations with.
    6) She didn’t have to steal someones last name in her rise to fame.
    7) More than 4 fat girls come to her show to see her. (even before she was famous)
    8) Has a style that others copy. Not the opposite.
    9) Can sing more than one song without autotune.
    10) A real life. And not a photocopied version of someone elses.
    Sorry Brandon, you might actually live up to meeting 1 of the above but the other 9? Forget it.

  3. “Having “haters” only means that people hate you. Nothing more.”
    Couldn’t be more true.

  4. Ok, I made a loop of me saying “I JUST WANNA DANCE” and I overlayed it on a track of Lady Gaga’s.
    Can I now tell everyone I did a song with Lady Gaga???!

  5. Ok Brandon.
    STFU and go back recording that ‘”song.”
    Nobody wants to hear your dumbass lies

  6. Okay what the fuck is going on here.
    Honestly I think it’s hilarious watching “Brandon Hilton” go down this trainwreck path of failures. We’re all put on this planet for entertainment, and I’m sitting watching this pathetic loser and feeling better about my life.

  7. Haters don’t make you famous anymore. The only time they ever helped anyone was when Youtube “most discussed” was important, and all the hater comments added to the viewcount.
    But how famous were any of those retards, really? Exactly.

  8. one thing is true about brandon hilton, hes definitely the most popular person on this website. looks at all the comments.
    haters make your famous

  9. Wouldn’t it be like Dude Gaga or Mister Gaga or something?
    Leaving the “Lady” part in there just makes it sound weirder.

  10. saddest part of all is he is probably reading the comments and truly thinks people talking about him is furthering his career.
    It’s kinda like when people dont realize people are laughing at them – not with them.
    BH…. really,you already have your name destroyed on the 1st google search for you. Don’t you think it might be time to just give it up just a bit?
    ‘the boy lady gaga’ what an awesome goal. not really, be original – or gtfo.

  11. You can tell immediately if Brandon posted the comment or not. They always look like this.
    Brandon Hilton is so
    He is a really FUN guy! He loves to suck A lot of COCK, and swallow CUM all the
    Fuck why do you capitalize every other damn word!?! Plus, anyone who would defend bh is obviously bh.
    I also thought it was fucking hilarious, how he didn’t say, “O not only did I meet her back stage, we are doing a song together”. HAHAHA Or his song with Lil Wayne too. 🙂
    BH IS so AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  12. god the 5 people that went to the show were ewwww. Show brandon ugly people attract even more ugly nobodies.

  13. Weird, yesterday he had a blog on his MS about the TRUTH of the lady gaga single and how it all unfolded….
    Today it’s suddenly gone.

  14. Does each of Brandons alter personalities post on here…IN CAPS??!! Lordy, this boy needs to be on meds!

  15. has anybody noticed that brandons video called Adventures of Brandon Hilton is trying to be JUST LIKE Transition Gagavision?

  16. BH is in no way “mainstream”. no one wants to see or more importantly, hear an albino looking sloth babble on about his bootyhole in off-key autotune.
    also, good job pretending to be your own fans.
    pretending you’re already famous isn’t the way to get famous.
    i’ve been on the news, does that make me famous? LOL

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