Paul Nigher, acting on behalf of, has been approaching some of Stickam’s most popular Entertainers, offering them incentives to defect to his company’s site.
Mr. Nigher has been “reaching out to some of the top content producers” on Stickam such as Ownage Pranks, Dani Mosh and Anthony Vanity, in hopes to make Live Video a better place than the vapid shithole it presently is. As any Stickam user who has been to the site is well aware, almost no one is Live on LiveVideo; and the few who are rarely have more than a handful of viewers in their poorly designed channels.
Hello Kitty-wearing Jew Elliot Ben was accommodating enough to provide StickyDrama with the series of communications Mr. Nigher had sent him.
Unimpressed by Mr. NIgher’s promises of “guaranteed promotion” and “other perks,” none of the solicited Stickam users are inclined to grace LiveVideo with presence unless offered some monetary incentive. Frankly, they’d be foolish to waste their time on such a dead site like LiveVideo, and outright stupid to consider leaving Stickam.
StickyDrama is curious what will become of Paul’s Stickam account, now that Admins are no doubt aware of his activities.


  1. i think anthony vanity look so
    fucking sexy
    killer post your nasty ass pictures
    maybe he will do you a favor and edit them
    and make you look half decent

  2. /facepalm
    Yet another reason why LV is fail.
    They tried the SAME thing with Youtubers a year ago. The only people who continue bother with that site are Argent009, Mike Skehan and BowieChick (who REALLY needs to return to youtube full time).

  3. i was also asked if i would use livevideo instead of stickam
    this guy wants the “young” entertainers to use his site instead of stickam hes trying to make it more popular and shit?

  4. lol elliot, well
    1. i don;t understand this..and
    2. can’t we just have another “HATE TOMY TOOLHEAD” post?
    that’s alot more fun 😀

  5. haha, I thought that was some MSN thing….
    Who’d srsly waste time and go to their site? Its pathetic that they have to try and bribe and swindle entertainers from here to go there…Epic Failure…
    Dont defect Elliot, js


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