It began as an ordinary Sunday night, until a darling angel PMed StickyDrama with an epiphany unparalled since the birth of Christ. The Sociopath Next Door, said our messenger sent from Heaven above, was Live and having an all-out war with none other than spamgod Matthew Lush.
What we found therein seemed to us nothing less than a celestial sign that StickyDrama is indeed doing God’s will. Sociopath, whose name is Max, turns out to have been an ex-boyfriend of Lush; they dated many moons ago for a period of 3 weeks. Max was very very drunk and dishing out more dirt than is to be found inbetween Daniel Hilton’s teeth. With Lush in the Live pleading for Max not to reveal his secrets, Max told StickyDrama the spamgod’s unremarkable birthname, his unimpressive cock size, and his hypocritical schemes for online fame and fortune. (Lush was in the chat but not on-cam.)


Word of the drama spread like wildfire throughout Stickam. ROFLs and LMAOs peppered Max’s chat, which was otherwise filled with Lush’s pathetic denials that he had ever auto-added friends or used a comment-spamming script (he insisted that he manually adds and comments all his friends). At one point during the fight, StickyDrama had the temerity to announce that we would stream Lush’s nude photos through our cam feed; Lush must have summoned an admin, because immediately one appeared in both Max’s Live and our chatroom. The admin did not kick or ban, but remained present until Max eventually passed out drunk.
We apologize for the low quality of this recording. You must turn your volume all the up to hear his voice.


  1. Hahaha ghetto black woman lmaoo ok hun you win lmaoo that just took the cake your ooh so loveable hit me up on aim one day i see a beautiful friendship considering were both pretty mean. And i am pretty wealthy and i do brag alot thats why im very hated. Leave me your screen name maybe u can im me one day.

  2. oh, and who the fuck brags about a credit card? If your going to lie, at least use your imagination and say a Ferrari or Lamborghini?since your playing make believe anyway.

  3. I?m dense? I?m sorry but any idiot can scan our conversation and find the dense one easily and I assure you, it?s not me bitch! Furthermore, I love how every insult you have seems to have no fact behind it. I guess your so use to making up shit by now that it comes naturally but let me give you a tip?If you insist on insulting, or should I say TRYING to insult someone online, you should probably use what you know about the person?not commenting on shit you know nothing about. Once again your looking pretty desperate and immature. The thought of you reading your last comment back to yourself as you pat yourself on the back, thinking your so clever in your accomplishment amuses me more than you?ll ever know. You are by far the weakest, most sad person I have ever came into contact with. I know your not rich, I know many people with money, none of which brag about it or the charities that there family donates to. The closest they ever come to that is one name drop?there last name, which you so carelessly forgot to mention. Anyone of status would have know that all it takes to prove ones wealth is a last name. Another tip, don?t try so fucking hard!!! Your not even fun to argue with, its to easy. I guess I should expect that from someone who will never amount to anything more than a hair dresser in some shitty solon. Maybe our paths will cross one day and you can give me a pedicure but until then please, do yourself a favor and go back to school so maybe you can get a real job. I don?t know where you live but here in Cali?unless you are doing a celebrities hair, cosmetology license are reserved for ghetto black women and high school dropouts! Bye luv

  4. You are so dense,you silly little bitch! you really have to get a life. And honey my shit deffinatly isnt weak you cracked out whore. I was thinking to myself, why is this ugly bitch so angry? And then it came to me did ur mommy beat you when you were younger in your little ghetto appartment haah. And honey i finished school and the only things in life i need and have are my cosmetology license and my parents credit card im happy. Ok you have no rite calling me trailer trash you ugly ass whore first of all im not poor (like you) i brush my teeth (unlike you) i have a big house (unlike your box) i have a great life (unlike yours) and i take showers (unlike your dirty ass). But i have to give you one thing i may not be the brightest crayon in the box but i deffinatly know im better than you sorry disgusting ass you dirty litle fucking tramp. Give me a call ill be sure that one of the churches i give money to mail you another box you can make yours a duplex. Bye puttana

  5. Oh wow, someone still can?t spell, and if that?s not bad enough you still didn?t get it right the second time bitch! As I said before?take some English! Calling me retarded after your wonderful display of ignorance and illiterate writing skills only makes you look that much more desperate? I might not know how you ?roll? but I do know that your shit is weak! Kmart? Nice?are those still around? Oh, and what charities do you so graciously donate to? PLEASE I would love to know?Maybe if you wake up now and go back to school you might be able to give something to charities one day?until then your still a worthless piece of trailer trash shit!!! As for my ?anger issues? ?you haven?t seen anything yet. Try me!

  6. Oh wow someone has anger issues. And it doesnt seem like im messing with much, dont worry i understand you have retardation problems honey. And about the whole dyslexic thing i only tried to dumb it down for u a bit. You seriously need to shut up you cunt i can garentee you dont no how i roll. So go fuck yourself, b4 i stop donating to the charities u live off of kk hun buh bye kmart

  7. Oh wow someone has anger issues. And it doesnt seem like im messing with much, dont worry i understand yo have retardation problems honey. And about the whole dyslexic thing i only tried to dumb it down for u a bit. You seriously need to shut up you cunt i can garentee you dont no how i work. So o fuck something, b4 i stop donating to the charities u live off of kk hun buh bye kmart

  8. Correction?YOU don?t know who the fuck YOUR messing with! If and when you think you can ?tell me off? PLEASE by all means let me know. I will kick your fucking teeth so far down your throat you won?t know what hit you!!! Oh, and ?I do wat I want hun so yea? ??? How old are you? Either grow the fuck up, and then come looking for me or take some English BITCH! You honestly think you can win any kind of fight with me on here wording your sentences like some kind of dyslexic child with down syndrome? You?ve got a long way to go?hun! Now run along little girl?back to that FAKE life you?ve created for yourself over stickam!
    ps- As ignorant as you sound, you probably do know Matthew.

  9. I do wat i want hun so yeah, if i wanna take things seriously i can if i want to. So go entertain urself with a vibrator because thats like the only entertainment u probly get. And secondly dont f*ck with me u dont no who ur talking to and who said i didnt know him, so yeah go back to ur poor miserable life and shut up but if u wanna say something else ill be glad to scheduale some time to tell u off again buh bye honey – [JeSs!3 Amor??]

  10. Ummm?practice what you preach bitches, I hate fucking idiots who contradict themselves. How about the two people above lighten up and stop wasting time worrying about some fuck off you don?t even know. This site is meant for entertainment purposes, not to be taken seriously!!!

  11. Umm wow u guys really have too much time on ur hands seriously if u are all just gonna sitt around and talk shit you are no worse than he supposivly is, obviously he has eaten meat b4 and ppl change, personaly i believe hes and ok person, but who am i to judge and who the fuck are u, u guys need to get out of matthews life and worry about ur own pittyful ones cuz that just shows u are all probly ppl that envy him so bad that u just have to deticate ur time saying shit im done with this long live lush , im out bitces look me up .. [JeSs!3 Amor??]

  12. i wish all you people would stop hating and just go get a life. we dont care if you “knew” matt or what his real name is. believe what you want, dont vocalize it to every single person you meet, and forget the rest.


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