StickyDrama owed Hey0oxjon a few favors, he decided to cash them in all at once.

In return for Jon’s supplying StickyDrama with the bulk of our “DF” n00dz series, we are obliged to post these nauseating pictures of Erika, who will spread open her heavily-trafficked pussy and let Jon flood her guts with hacker venom.  (We’re not kidding—she’s a self-professed “StickyDrama groupie” and is really prostituting herself to be posted here.)
For the record, StickyDrama is only repaying a debt, because we are a cocksucker of our word.  Furthermore, we find ourselves overcome by an intense loathing for this skank who made such a request, and fully encourage our readers to unleash all their malevolence upon her.
Dumb slut.


  1. queen of the oompa loompas?
    this girl needs some eyebrows,
    and to get a real tan, hold the orange.
    but its whatever.
    but the american flag over her face and fuck for glory.

  2. Damn …..take some paint thinner to that bitch and she’d be finer than frog fur. “Orange” you glad Dick is here? :o)

  3. The ONLY decent thing I can think to say it her stomach isn’t that horrid.
    Even though it does look very prepubescent that of a about to sprout boobs 13 year old.

  4. …prime example of what happens when you tan too much. I wonder if she has a leather purse, so people can do a side by side comparison. The wrinkles has deffinately started to affect her, hmm I wonder what she looks like without permanant marker all over her eyelid. /cringe.

  5. “mama e. said,December 25th, 2008 at 2:43 am
    If she makes jon happy then why should it matter what she looks like?”
    Esher, she point is that she took these and ASKED to be on here because she wants to be e-famous. And I’m sorry (notrly) but can you say pathetic? ASKING someone to put picture of you up on a site that humorously exploits everyone jut to get attention. Lawl. Nothx to that~

  6. Girlgerm please shut your mouth.
    typing hate on your mommas computer?? im sorry
    what would you call your previous comment? good ole fashion lovin??
    dont think so sweets

  7. Roflzz lovessss the anon thing, think its been done. At 21 having a life and living out of america i could care less about e-fame lol im also nowhere nearrrr scene nor trying and happy with it…keep typing hate on yer mommas computer…kids pfft

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