One tends to ridicule the uniformity of romances in the goth scene: walks in cemeteries, melodramatic poetry, late-night breakfast at Denny’s. But Travis and Mandy, the couple featured in our March 2 n00dz post “Midget Sex,” were something exceptional: He was so uncommonly tall and she was so freakiishly short.

But like all relationships found on Stickam, theirs was a love doomed to end like a vampire at sunrise: violently, with bits of flesh flying around, and a ribald remark thrown in for good measure.

Come now, Travis. Surely there you must have juicier morsels than that to share. Not even to speak of whatever naughty photos of Mandy and, God forbid, your couplings with her. Please do send them our way.


  1. the first stickydrama was jay who was too busy chasing p33n, hacking lamely, being a chatroom asshole, and getting homeless to stay with it. Therefore, WHO THE FUCK CARES who ANY stickydrama is.

  2. Yeah, long story short sticky. You really need to look into shit, pay attention, and know what you are talking about when you post things about people that aren’t stickam-famous.
    The only thing I want to know is whos cam feed you blacked out. Ha.

  3. I hope you got thosse Heather Dylan videos!!!It was on the news tody her hacker is in jail BUT the videos are still on the internet if you look enough! plz sticky!!

  4. Yeah. That’s not Travis and this conversation had nothing to do with either one of them. Not to mention this conversation happened FOREVER ago. You must be really hard up for dirt these days.

  5. Okay. Sticky, I’m sorry to say that you have everything wrong. I used to be a part of Goth Redemption. And Travis and Mandy haven’t broken up. First of all, Mandy is 21, and 4 feet tall, not 4’10. The person you print-screened is not Travis, and from what I know they are still together. I was talking with Mandy the other day. They are both my friends, and I could honestly say you could find better shit to post. As people said above, no body cares about them that reads this page (besides me of course.)
    So, sorry to say, I’m denouncing your post.

  6. Nah, it is not Hock or Anthony or some guy named Chris, it’s someone we know though. I don’t think he ever posted a real issue on himself. I have some sort of proof so Stickydrama can be exposed soon.

  7. some guy named chris, according to john hock, i saw it in his away message the other day JUST SAYING [;


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