U.S. District Judge George Wu hinted back in July that he would throw out Lori Drew’s conviction.  A federal jury had found Ms. Drew guilty of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Statute, a verdict which essentially made violating a company’s TOS a federal offense.  The move placated a nation outraged at an adult’s cyberbullying a 13-year old girl, but was widely criticized in legal circles as improper jurisprudence.
On August 31, Wu officially set aside the jury’s verdict, and ruled certain sections of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Statute unconstitutional.  The U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles—the same jurisdiction as Stickam and yours truly—said no decision had been made yet about a possble appeal.
Readers can download the complete ruling here.


  1. ^^^^ depression and ADHD are not mental handicaps. yes, they change the life of the person affected, but they in no way make a person incapable of living a normal life.
    but you did get the vulnerable to bullying part right.
    Lori Drew should rot in jail. that girl would probably still be alive if Lori had not treated her that way. just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it any less of a crime.

  2. it is already stated that the girl had diagnosed mental “handicaps” — depression and ADHD… she obvious was vulnerable to bullying.
    Lori drew is the sickest human being alive.

  3. Some people say she deserved to die, since she killed herself. She was THIRTEEN. And more than likely, well sheltered. She probably never got bullied in real life. When you’re that young, things can hurt a lot more than they do when you’re older. Most thirteen year old girls haven’t yet hit that maturity spurt.
    Lori Drew is disgusting for pretending to be someone else, pretending to have some sort of attraction to that poor girl, and then tearing her self esteem down to the point where that child killed herself.
    There’s obviously something VERY wrong with that picture.

  4. anon @ 8:23
    being internet famous, especially now, you pretty much set yourself up to be talked about. there’s a huge gap in the maturity of a 16 year old myspace whore and an innocent 13 year old girl.
    teenagers off themselves everyday, this site makes fun of people every day, but the fact that a grown woman was maliciously harassing a little girl is what’s so disturbing about this case imo.

  5. If this happened in Texas this lady would be in jail, I hope karma gets this woman soon because she had her hands in helping a child not only take her own life but tear down her self worth. Yea I have seen worse things said on here also but it isn’t like we are personally emailing that person and telling them these horrid things well I know I’m not.

  6. You’re all a bunch of hypocrites. This lady said things that were not as harsh as some of the things i’ve seen on this site. People don’t fucking think of the possible consequences.

  7. …I agree the woman is immature scumm. On another note she was in the age and looked like a girl (13) Hock might of been interested in.

  8. I think this whole case is a shit situation. She should be charged for like involuntary manslaughter or something. Whatever, she will have her day, and karma will be a HUGEEE fucking bitch to her.

  9. All that little girl had to do to stop the harassment was turn off her computer. She didn’t, she continued to talk back which only made it worse. It’s unfortunate that she killed herself and that lady should have the sense not to say the shit she did. But you can’t blame a suicide based on a couple of instant messages.

  10. Ya. You say six she couldn’t handle the truth, then it’s we own fault.
    Why the hell would some grown ass woman take satisfction is tearing down a 13 year old girl and making her feel depressed.
    Some people are really sick these days and s
    No one ever gets convicted of their crimes.
    She helped kill a teenage girl. That should be accesory to murder.
    She should rot in hell

  11. i dont mean to sound like a bitch
    but if the meier girl couldnt handle that she had problems, she needed help and couldnt make it in the real world……
    but lori drew is a crazy bitch who does that to a kid?

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