Mainstream celebrity tabloid TMZ yesterday reported Danny Noriega’s extremely pissed off rant, provoked by American Idol’s decision not to invite the popular Entertainer back for its finale. But why would TMZ remove any indication that Danny had actually made his “important announcement” on our beloved Stickam?

Interesting to note that it would have been simpler for TMZ to embed the YouTube video into their post, as StickyDrama has done herebelow:

Instead the tabloid chose to remove the video portion of the recording and force readers to download an MP3 file of Danny’s audio only. The result: Any evidence that recording was made on Stickam is conveniently erased. Moreover, only YouTube is cited as the source.
Why is Stickam the much-abused stepchild of mainstream journalism? FOX, the New York Times, and now Time Warner (which ultimately owns TMZ) have all taken shots at our little online community, ignoring its entertainment and overplaying its scandals. Danny made his announcement on Stickam—why not just say so?


  1. Danny’s attitude is just his thing
    it’s w/e
    and he’s learned to be himself becuz AI hates fakes worser than people with attitudes.
    andwhy would i care to be his underwear geez w/e You guys are just sick pervs :]
    and the size of a brain doesn’t determine the knowledge someone has.
    And it is impossible for a human that is fully living to have a brain the size of a peanut so wat evs!

    I think Kiki’s right.
    You’re pretty much jealous you’re not Danny’s underwear.
    Why don’t you go call him up and give him a good fuck?
    And, you know.
    If the producers of AI hated his attitude so much, maybe Danny should have just toned his stupid ass down a bit.
    Too bad he’s got the size of a peanut for a brain to learn that.

  3. person at 5:02 besides the fact that Danny sang Lollipop on his last show that youtube url is so irrelevant to the topic.

  4. Zoe.. danny isn’t even Efamous
    he’s TV famous
    get your shit straight
    A lot of celebrities decide to do live chats for their fans
    that doesn’t make them Efamous
    because they actually have a career and do things.

  5. Oh btw ‘C-lister’ is any celebrity
    A-lister is major movie actors/actresses
    So C-lister’s are still big.

  6. and lol at people saying he can’t sing
    you must be completely deaf or something
    and Nobodies don’t have over 3,000 fans! Nobodies aren’t one of the biggest things on stickam right now.
    So Danny noriega ISN’T a nobody.
    and lol at “winners of American Idols aren’t celebrities”
    Kelly Clarkson = Celebrity
    Clay Aiken = Celebrity
    Fantasia = Celebrity
    Carrie Underwood = Celebrity
    there are more but still
    and just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean they are nothing or aren’t celebrities.

  7. Lol at Arthur Ford for having tons of grammar mistakes. Why not go to school instead of bashing on people! And no more dancing like a slut for Stickydrama because that was a huge epic fail :]
    And person at 10:39 you’re being ignorant by calling people stupid that you don’t know, let alone their knowledge, which compared to yours is probably higher
    And maybe he wanted it to be surprise. Not everyone says EVERYTHING that’s going in their life, and just because someone ask for them to sign or he asked to be signed doesn’t mean it’s verified yet.
    The entertain actually isn’t America, it’s an open resource for people around the world so you can’t say free country! XD Because the internet isn’t a country!! And freedom of speech is in legal matters. I never said “Legally you can’t say that, so shut up” So next time know what you are saying before being cliche.
    And Zoe you can’t be talking 😉
    And about the him trying to go back to the finale, he was invited to go to it and then they said they were full. So pay attention to the facts before you type your weak shit.
    and that’s like you not being invited into a party that you made happen.
    Danny gave American Idol views and he did make it as far for fans to vote.
    You just don’t know how American Idol really works.

  8. lol 3 words, who gives a shit. Danny noriega is a nobody. He’s an american idol reject and a lousy singer. Not even the winners of “American Idol” are celebirties. They are C listers. And who gives a shit about stickam ? there is very little talent on stickam, its just stupid entertainment. Whoever runs this site is a big dope and needs to get a real job and life.

  9. What a fucking diva.
    you’re just an online wannabe
    like the rest.
    Why the fuck would they invite
    you back?
    and lol @ him trying to
    go back to the show for
    the finale.
    They don’t want you.
    end of story.

  10. Someone needs to strap that bitch up in a sling and fist his ass really deep. Then pull out fast so he pops a nice rosebud. That is if his asshole isn’t too loose already to do so.

  11. ewww i hate this faggot he have no talent he’s so fuckin ugly n of course he have aids! i dont know why he were in the competition my grandma have more talent n publicity than this GAY!!

  12. HAHAHA. “fuck off geez”
    That’s all you have?
    And, how am I being ignorant for calling you stupid?
    I know people don’t get signed one day and their album is out the next day.
    You’re a fucking hypocrite for thinking I’m THAT stupid. Ignorant? You completely defined yourself, GOOD JOB, DINGBAT!
    And, for the record. He ISN’T going to have an album anytime soon. If he was, I’m sure he would have announced it. Wow. You are pretty stupid. HAHA!!!!
    And, I can say whatever the FUCK I want. It’s a free country.
    Or, wait. Maybe you didn’t know that. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA.
    You just failed, again.

  13. Zac you’re the one to talk.
    You are the one that has sex with any living, even nonliving thing you can
    I mean your ugly ass thinking you’re hot by going on cam dancing like a slut and being a slut
    I’ve heard so much shit about you
    its not even funny
    HA okay it is
    geez your like a big slut!

  14. Okay I wasn’t going to bother coming on here when I heard it, but when you get personal that really offends me. Maxxie is cute but I am into people my own age, if he were a bit older then I might be more interested in him, but yeah. What gives any of you the right to say what my sexuality is? It doesn’t even matter because I don’t say what you are so you shouldn’t care what I am. HA Kiki I love how you’re talking so but trash but you don’t even know me and disrespect my race again and I will spray you with my mace! Okay now I’m out and never coming back to this site because it’s just stupid and I don’t care. You guys and TMZ are full of shit and I don’t really care if people hate me. People that hate me just make me, more famous.

  15. 1. If i said your name danny would be like “what the fuck is a kiki kannibal? must be some animal!” and I’d be like YES it is!
    2. I don’t give a damn what you think Danny is way better than you, and you hate that.
    BTW kiki I saw your n00dz
    GROW SOME B00BZ!!!

  16. Um it’s not like someone gets signed one day and their album is out the next day so seriously w/e
    And that’s ignorant that you call someone stupid when you don’t even know them
    “If he had stayed on AI for the Top 10, yeah he probably would have gotten signed.”
    That pretty much says it…
    because not everyone in top 10 is going to get signed. They may be known but doesn’t mean anything.
    Just fuck off geez


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