Nine out of ten boys agree: NathanAmazing starts looking sexy as fuck when the cocksucker has hacked their phone, email, AIM and MSN, and wont give the accounts back until they’ve gone Private with him.
In the weekly roundup of online terror, Nick of Radiation Year was his first victim. His Stickam was deleted; shortly after StickyDrama was sent caps of Nick eating his own cum, it was restored.
Mr. Amazing was in the mood for anal the other night, and had Andy Br00t4l finger himself. Deeply. Andy preferred to get the rectal violation out of the way before any of his online accounts were suspended.
Last but not least, Nathan’s longtime nemesis Seka had her phone disconnected the other night. Not being fortunate enough to have a penis, she was unable to offer Nathan anything in exchange for having her service restored.


  1. We can’t wait to see Nathan go down.With all the people building evidence cases on him and several authorities and higher up’s that have been informed of his sick and twisted activities.We don’t think it will be long before he is at the mercey of cock….behind bars…its comming

  2. nope, i’d get him back.
    he’s not the only one that can hack you know?
    you can always make a new account either way, this is the internet. your world’s not gonna collapse. atleast not mine but maybe that’s because I don’t live on the internet, I have a job and friends in real life, unlike some internet celebrities.
    I’d challenge that bitch to hack an account of mine anytime, just to see what will happen :] Bet he’d get a bit of a surprise…

  3. ^^^
    I bet if he hacked your acount
    You’d stick you hand up a sloths anus
    And then stick it up your anus
    Only to stick it in your mouth
    To get your acount back.

  4. that’s like blackmailing people and making them do shit for you, which is illegal. If he was doing this irl, face to face with people, he’d be in so much trouble.
    You can easily press charges against him :] What he’s doing is illegal.

  5. nigras its called socializing.
    it doesnt get much easier then that
    /call up the service provider report the cellphone as missing = deactivated as a precaution -.-


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