Looks like Amor Hilton taught her now-ex-boyfriend Ryan Anchors how to survive in LA.
StickyDrama tried to warn the “hot rocker dude” that he and Amor probably wouldn’t last.  He reacted with outrage and accused us of attempting to sabotage his relationship.  Wonder what he would say now?





  1. Fucking figures, way to follow the John Hock 12 Step Program.
    Maybe stop getting fucking retarded tattoos and piercings? HMM LETS SEE, FOOD AND BOARD FOR A MONTH, OR A FUCKING TIGER TATTOO ON MY CHEST? DEFINITELY TIGER AMIRITE?

  2. LOL @ the usual groupie sluts and potential date rape victims with zero self respect above
    he’s a loser himbo who should learn how not to fail at life instead of latching onto whatever insecure piece of trash that will fund his lifestyle, in fact i hope he gets AIDS!!

  3. Ogod. Atleast he hasn’t sunk as low as m4m.
    He used to seem so intelligent…then again Amor’s rubbing off on his brain cells.
    Poor guy.
    eez a dayum shame. -shrug.-


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