Yesterday Amor Hilton posted the following Myspace bulletin:
Please, Amor. StickyDrama has grown weary of reporting the immature antics of your homeless racist rapist boyfriend. If this bulletin is in fact true and not another shameless publicity stunt, we implore you to be the merciful and terminate the pregnancy … another generation of Hock posts would be too much for us to bear.


  1. Why does the entire world need to know she’s pregnant? and then Hock has the nerve to complain that Stickam repeats information she frreely posted herself.
    John if you dont/didnt want the world knowing she was possibly pregnant, then you need to talk to HER about that.
    Tell HER not to post that kind of thing online for the ENTIRE world to see!
    This websit wouldnt have been able to post about this shit if you had some control over your g/f and she wasnt just after attention.

  2. yeah,thats another thing john can sell, A BABY! I am sure people would bid on it.I mean if they need a place that bad I say find a cheapy apartment make up some sappy story that john tried to use a condom but really didnt know how and it broke got amor pregnant and now he needs donations to pay the bills each month,I am sure his cult will do it and if all else fails,John can have people pay him for sex!

  3. desi hows it feel to be a 15 year old slut on stickam
    flashin yo titties and ass to everyone whose ask.
    yeah yeah we all seen the screen shots
    least i was a virgin till i was 16 :]
    you ve fucked how many guys? 5…6…14?
    hey, at least you still join my room for attention :]

  4. maybee it’s not his and it was some black d00ds but she said it was johns, hes dumb enought o belive it but he’d probably rape it then kill it. or other way around 😀

  5. Amor is only 17.
    That actually DOES make john a rapist.
    and i know she is 17 for a F A C T.
    If she does have the child bye bye john and hello jailcell :d


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