1. aye mama kannibal, OBVIOUSLY jake is damn good at what he does, whether it be using people or not. He makes it obvious, it was a clear sign of what kind of person is is via online, the fact that kiki dated him just reveals even MORE that shes a dumb cunt

  2. Jake told Kiki the “other” Jake stole or “lost” the band’s money. He said that jake probably bought coke with it since he was acting all high that one day. Jake backstabs the “other” jake regularly from what I saw/witnessed. As soon as he talked to him on the phone, he was a completely different person. It was weird and uncomfortable for me to see such a two-faced person in action. As far as who was controlling, omg are you serious…. if Kiki didn’t text Jake back within ten minutes he would go on a 20 minute (no exaggeration) rant like a broken record lecturing her. His moods were all over the place and HE was a control freak… Controlling and excessively needy.

  3. jake by his own admission has chlamydia or had it three months ago. you think he got that shit fixed when he can’t even remember to take a shot for his diabetes? NO. See the thing is I think he has a death wish and doesn’t really care about anyone or anything or who he takes down with him. HE only “acts” like he cares or has feelings in order to create a “set up” or an illusion for the next girl victim or guy victim. It’s all a sad, pathetic ploy. If he really knew who he was he should just drop dead since he is worthless. It would do a lot of girls(/people he uses) in the future a huge favor.
    Anonymous said, November 29th, 2009 at 5:32 am
    i forgot to mention that he has what he calls a “blackmail” folder he told Kiki about. If you get with this guy, he will push you for your nudes, and he will use them against you when it goes bad, and trust me it will go bad. He’s not good for anyone even himself. Look what he did to Amor recently. Those nudes came from him. His “needs” in his sick definition of “Love” like he talks about consist of getting nudes from the girl because lord knows he too much of a loser to actually date a girl in real life. If you don’t give him them then he thinks you don’t “love” him and he will tell you this. Be warned and be aware. THis guy is worst than most. Bad karma of his own doing is coming his way.

  4. I really don’t get where he gets off thinking that people like Megan are even supposed to pay for him. I remember he was bitching how she spent $500 dollars on dvds at Best Buy and how he could have lived off that for a year. lol. Jake had also told Kiki BEFORE he came here that he had a way back. It turns out on the 11th hour, he did not, and Kiki’s dad kept asking him to contact as many people as he could hence the multiple “tweets” about it. We had paid his way enough by that time. I really think he expected us to pay. It turns out his mom paid, not his “family” band members. When push came to shove, they didn’t help him whatsoever so maybe his ranting about his band actually had some validity; however, ultimately, it’s Jake’s responsibility to take care of himself. He’s not even close to doing that although I think he lies to himself about that.

  5. Hey Megan and the “other jake” I was in the car when Jake was bashing the other Jake and also saying what the other Jake really thought about Megan and how he just uses her. It was actually really sad. Jake said that the band would be nothing without him and that he could leave them at any time. I have no reason to lie. I am just repeating what I heard first hand.
    Kiki never bashed the band until Jake himself repeatedly bitched about how badly the band treated him and how they told him they would take care of him if he came down and how they never do anymore. He bitched about how much of a bitch Megan was and how she only takes care of the other Jake. He said she and the other Jake were the reason the band was having problems and that he wanted to quit or kick the other Jake out. He did mention that Tim’s problems with his girlfriend caused some issues too because he said Tim always had to leave practice early because of it.
    It was Jake that gave Kiki the bad impression of the band in the first place. There were many, many other occasions where Jake would call her and he would complain about the band and how he was quitting. This was ALL Jake. Kiki just listened and kept telling him that he should talk to them about it. When the band came into Kiki’s Stickam bitching at Jake, did Kiki bitch at them? She did not. She told me that she didn’t say anything to them because it was Jake’s business. (except for flipping off Corey, but he’s not in that band) That’s really how she felt about it. The ONLY reason she didn’t like the band and felt it wasn’t healthy for him was because of what Jake was saying.
    After listening to Jake’s tirades about it, I too thought that his bandmates treated him poorly. He said something negative about EVERY single one of them except for El-jay. He said he and El-Jay have talked about starting something else if Jake decides to leave. The only other thing Kiki ever said was that the other Jake went after her in the past and that he creeped her out. Also, Kiki’s dad was the driving force behind getting Jake back. Jake said he didn’t give a fuck if he missed the show. In fact he was talking about quitting. His own mom was telling him that his bandmates were bad and to come back to RI. Do you know why? Because Jake portrays everyone else as bad and at fault. That was all COMPLETELY JAKE’S doing. IT was Jake who conveniently manipulated Kiki into thinking his bandmates were shit. You should have seen the texts from his mom. He not only convinced Kiki of it, but also his own mom. As far as Kiki being “controlling” the only thing she wanted him to do was not drink and to take care of himself and take his shots. She is very outspoken about her views about drinking, and Jake agreed to it very early on without any hesitation. It would have been different if he told her he was still going to drink. She had excepted and dated heavy drinkers before. The issue was that he lied and told her whatever she wanted to hear and then he did whatever he wanted. When he’s done using the band, he will just move on without even a blink of an eye. It is you guys who are in the dark about all this. You may not like Kiki, but she was NOT the one responsible for the problems within your band. She did accept Jake until she found out who the real Jake was which wasn’t a very nice person at all.
    I also asked Jake if any of his bandmates were really good musicians. He told me that the only one was El-jay. He said he was a pretty good drummer. So there you have it. Next time you want to just blame Jake’s supposed girlfriend, remember this: Jake is a very selfish person and he will NOT do anything he doesn’t want to do. If he quits a band, he may act like his girlfriend made him quit, but I know this is just an excuse. If he quits a band it would because he chose to not because some girl controlled him.
    He may be all buddy, buddy with his band right now because he doesn’t have anyone else to mooch off of, but as soon as he finds a way out, he will take it. He’s not happy. At least that’s how he sounded when he talked about it. Jake plays all sides for the benefit of himself and only himself. Remember that guys and Megan.

  6. Should have known better, yes. Bitter, no. The intention behind it is strictly not wanting others to be suckered. I guess trusting that a person is being real and truthful is just not enough.

  7. jake isn’t mature enough for any relationship. he’ll fuck you and give you a STD though. He was just saying he had chlamydia.

  8. did I forget to mention that he is dumb enough to tell people how he uses girls for food and a place to stay. Heidi and a couple of other girls mentioned that his MO is really just to use and abuse girls. He only dates the ones that are well-known on the internet, and the other girls he just fucks and never dates. WTF? He doesn’t have a clue what it really means to “date” someone. All that he knows how to do is spew meaningless words and manipulate girls who are lonely, innocent natured, young, or whatever the issue is, but he definitely finds it and uses it to his advantage. That’s like the lowest scumbag type on Earth. So if you don’t want to catch an STD, get used, and be grossed out, then avoid this one at all costs. He really is disgusting on ALL LEVELS! There’s nothing even remotely cool or cute about this guy. Trust me on that one. It’s all cheap, vacant smoke and mirrors.

  9. he should write a more accurate song about himself writing things about how he is fugly, intentionally uses every girl, proudly talks about his STDS which btw, girls, he probably doesn’t treat so they lurk around his system, his broken rotten tooth, (girls when you smell a horrible stench and you think some donkey must have taken a huge, rotten shit somewhere, that’s actually coming from his mouth. It never goes away either) He should add a part about his homelessness during the “in between times” without a girl to mooch off of and live with, his bloated, oh so gross, sausage feet with cracked heels of an 80 year old. wtf, is that? oh yeah, a side effect from not taking care of his disease
    (s). no joke. His homeless, old man looking grin, his flat, wide nose with tattoos he has no business getting. He doesn’t live up to any of them and their meanings and best of all his depthless, souless, withered fractured spirit. He’s a person his father doesn’t even want. Why? Because his REAL dad knows what a piece of shit he his. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I hear. He should write about how he is the most disgusting, wannabe, poser, rotten shit there is yet. He makes John Hock look good, and I am not joking.

  10. “Anonymous said, November 28th, 2009 at 9:01 pm
    I’m too lazy to do it but if you look at his “music page” on myspace, he wrote a bitter song about her called “she’s #72?. He talks about a girl “from the big T” who was “skinny with an ass” or something along those lines. Hard to understand what he’s saying because he sounds as if someone was squeezing his balls as he recorded it.”
    He has lyrics, js. and it’s obviously not about Kiki since I highly doubt he’d diss her and THEN date her. That song’s been up.
    I’m pretty sure it’s about Amor or some other filthy ass ex.
    “livin in the city, livin off mommy and daddy, spendin money gettin shitty, gettin fucked. did he even say your hair was fucking pretty!?”
    “so the day i leave for cali girly got this dude named mikeyy. now he owes me lotta money and he better give it to me.”

  11. I’m too lazy to do it but if you look at his “music page” on myspace, he wrote a bitter song about her called “she’s #72”. He talks about a girl “from the big T” who was “skinny with an ass” or something along those lines. Hard to understand what he’s saying because he sounds as if someone was squeezing his balls as he recorded it.

  12. i dunno, i know shes straight doggin dude out right now on stickam, then turns around talkin about how she doesnt give a shit. RIGHT. obv. rofl.

  13. hahaha, the girl he was engaged to? You mean the one he got physical with or the one that he knew it was long over but stayed with her anyway because of the apartment lease and he needed a place to stay…his words, not mine. He used her too. He even admitted it but likes to throw around that big “engagement” word as if that means he’s mature. Umm, maturity means paying your own way and not depending on or using everyone by spewing some sobb story about how shitty your life is. Maturity is being honest with those you supposedly love. Maturity is taking care of yourself not getting drunk, passing out not knowing where you are. Maturity is realizing at age 21 you are an full fledged adult and using a 17 year old is really pathetic. Jake has no business having sex with anyone. God forbid if some girl gets pregnant or some disease from him. He wouldn’t have the patience, love or resources to help one bit. He’s less evolved than some ten year olds I know. Seriously. Get a clue, guy, you are a scrub, and deep down in your black, broken heart, you know it, but you don’t care. You were way broken long before Kiki met you. She helped pull you out of many of your damn dark moods. She helped stabilize you, but you never even gave her credit for that. Look at your tweets before you met her. They were depressing and down and hopeless. She gave you hope and you took it for granted. You were never a boyfriend to her.

  14. Anonymous said, November 28th, 2009 at 5:21 pm
    kiki is still being immature about the situation and re-tweeting a bunch of tweets her “fans” sent her. kiki obviously like the drama and the attention.
    Shut up, Bloo.

  15. UH OH UH OHHHH. I take back what I said about Jake taking the mature road.
    “And don’t say “I’m the good guy I won’t bad mouth her” uh no you won’t cause I told you if you did your 7 vids and 10+ pics would be leaked”
    WOWWWW Kiki sure fucked him up. Badly.

  16. he says he’s not going to talk about it and be the mature one, and yet he bashed her on his twitter. He has the audacity to write as though he is the mature one stating he would ask her how she would feel if the shoe was on the other foot, etc Hahaha, well how would you feel if you were lied to and had your mate get drunk and then drunk call an ex all the while at some random party? Idk, I think Kiki’s reaction is less immature and pretty normal. I think Jake’s actions were really immature. If he lived up to his word then that fight would have never have happened. He was done with her anyway so he didn’t care. That’s jake for you. Kiki was untrusting because he was untrustworthy. Don’t mistake Kiki’s venting for immaturity. AT least she has feelings and is processing them. She’s 17. Jake really just moves on from girl to girl never really making any deep connection. He freely admits that too. The girl is always a means to something else. It’s either on purpose or he is incapable of really making a deep connection with a girl. I really don’t think he is bright enough to see the value of thinking of someone other than himself. He’s very selfish, and I would venture to say that I am not the first to notice this.

  17. She wasn’t mad because he was celebrating his birthday with his friends. She was mad because he lied to her many times, broke her trust and he used her. She has the right to say how she feels about it. If you arranged to have someone visit for a week, dropped over $300 bucks on him, and then after he gets what he wants, basically treats you like shit, you would be pissed too. You know how many people vent over the internet? Thousands, so before you judge, ask yourself if you have ever done it first? This guy is not a good, mature guy AT ALL. He is a user of good hearted people. He has no heart and I promise it will come back around to him at some point. People like that never do well in life for very long, if ever.


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