OMFG NOBODY SAW THIS ONE COMING!!!Β  Scene princess Amor Hilton didn’t have her fairy tale ending with her prince Nick of Radiation Year. Instead, they ended up hating each other’s guts, as their Twitter followers are well aware.
As Amor’s brother (in spirit, not blood) Eden Shizzle explained, Nick and Amor had to leave where they had been staying so far.Β  Chivalrous Nick secured himself accommodations at one of his friend’s, but neglected to bring along Amor, who was left to cry in a car before finally being taken in by Kelli from Compton (who herself is only couchsurfing at some dump up in Granada Hills, aka THE VALLEY.)
Oh, and it was not without a chuckle that we noticed Eden’s gay lover Matty cumming to the rescue.
You should have guessed option C, homeless, if you voted in our previous post about the star-crossed couple.


  1. Post above is the best one yet. I wonder if we should let Nick’s Mommy know that he wants dick for real. That would be hilarious.

  2. Nicholas is a nobody who would like to think he’s a somebody. His tattoos are all horrible, unfinished, scarred like shit. His meth teeth basically holding onto almost nothing. Makes out with faggots, but denies that he’s bi-sexual and blames it on drinking. He’s fucked who knows how many girls that are still considered a minor today. His Toxic Media shit is a joke that’s fading away into a too soon past. Relies on his Mommy to bail him out of everything. No one wants him back here in Florida, let alone anywhere’s else. Why? Because he’s nothing but a liar, and uses people to try to get whatever the fuck he wants. Not caring who it effects along the way. He’s 24 years old. It’s about time to grow up don’t you think? πŸ™‚
    Amor, is just a waste of air. Fried hair, photoshopped photos, fake ass face, a major whore, has mental issues, drug abuse, hops from one dick to another for a meal ticket or place to stay.
    Eden is simply the gay drama queen.

  3. What? I dont have that kids number, period, and never have, and like what the fuck is wrong with some of you people, Dont invest to much time trying to read into peoples lives and miss out on your own. And if you insist on it, please get your facts straight. Jesus Christ.

  4. must’ve been like a toothpick in a chimney.
    nick not only failed to graduate from full sail due to his excessive partying, fighting younger or weaker people, and excessive drug abuse (including cocaine and lots of adderoll) but only moved to LA (months earlier than planned) to escape the popo’s after robbing one of his “crews” members that lived in the same apartment complex across from his building for all their belongings and used that money to make his way to cali.
    for someone who’s “not a part of dtr” i can sure post about 5-10 pictures proving you’re very much a member. amor may be a slut but she’s just another girl that nick fucked, used, and ditched in a terrible way. he’s pretty damn good at buttering everyone up, girl or boy, using them for all they’ve got, then shitting on them relentlessly. he’s scum & will never go anywhere in life, no matter how capable and intelligent the drugs make him feel.

  5. I didn’t give anyones number out, I don’t even have Matt or Toms number lol.. so wtf.And half of the shit typed on here with a name, are not even the real people LOL.

  6. Nick is a fucking freak, I can’t believe he is givig out our numbers, guess that’s how toms number got out to a stalker fan. I’m posting his number out everywhere now. The tattoos are fucking weird! It’s a clothing line man! Chill out, your gonna cover your whole arm in DD? Ugh. And your stupid ‘film’ had nothing to do with us, you just filmed us playing from the side of the stage WOW. Fuck off thinking so highly of yourself.
    Sykes oxo

  7. i like my girls in porn to have nice tits… nobody wants to see amor’s saggy testicles hanging off her chest after her sex change.
    it’s a sad day when amor can pass for a quote unquote scene “queen”. you have alot more surgery ahead of you dear πŸ˜‰

  8. Porn all the way for all three of them in one film. In fact let’s get all the cewebrities into one big “We Are The World” porn film and donate the money to Aids victims who contracted it from all their faggotry.

  9. 5 years? ha
    there will be a 10fold increase in the amount of tattoo removal and piercing scar hiding ear lobe reattachining surgery.
    Business will be BOOMING in those fields once the scene and piercing kids finally realize how stupid they look.

  10. As much sense as most of the comments make, all of those retards will take what you say with a grain of salt and (a line of coke) and keep doing the same stupid shit they always do. Can’t wait to see what becomes of them in 5+ years. Who wants to start a pool? $100 says Amor starts stripping/nude modeling/ or something else that involves using her ethiopian-looking body to earn money.

  11. How is it this Nick guy’s responsibility to make sure Amor has a place to stay as well? She tries to act like she’s a grown ass woman, she needs to start acting like it.
    Amor, everyone likes to party. But it’s time you grow the fuck up and start acting like an adult and stop depending on everyone else to take care of your bullshit for you. Better yet, get the fuck out of LA before someone finds you dead on a bathroom floor of some shitbag you’ve been staying with. You’re going nowhere fast.
    As for Nick, I’m actually astonished at the fact that he can form reasonably coherent paragraphs. He should do himself a favor and stop hanging out with people who are obsessed with the internet, thinking they’re celebrities and shit.
    This passed the point of pathetic a long time ago, I’m embarrassed for all parties involved.

  12. 6:56 pm, that’s hilarious. It’d be so funny to see her trying this hard all through her 20’s. If she’s dying to be famous, why doesn’t she want to be discussed? She’d kill herself if people stopped talking about her here. It’s all she has.


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