The 19-year-old statutory Rapist demonstrated yesterday that he has less maturity than his underage victims.
Let us be clear: StickyDrama despises Matthew Lush for being an overly-promoted hypocrite who pays his rent by convincing lonely teenagers that he’ll love them if they buy his t-shirts. But we don’t hope that he dies of AIDS and we certainly don’t believe that he’ll burn in hell for being a cocksucker. StickyDrama is vicious, true; however we criticize words and actions, not inherent identities.
We hope the racist homophobic Rapist continues posting similar ignorant, hateful bulletins, so that he’ll destroy what little popularity he has left.


  1. OMG: lol I’m 20 years old and i’m not even a lush fan. I just watch him on cam b/c he is fun to watch. I really don’t care if he has a job or not. I still think the same way about him.

  2. how the fuck do you know when he is online? lol, i know for a fact you silly boy. and just because he says stuff on cam- hate to break it to you kid, it doesn’t make it true. and exactly, he has nothing in his apartment because he doesn’t have money. surely if he worked he would have money? but whatever, you’re just another stupid teenager he has brainwashed and i am not going to waste any more time talking to you because you are too close minded to doubt anything about your precious Matthew Lush. When you grow up and realize how pathetic you were you will see how right i was but right now it seems impossible for you to see beyond Matthew Lush’s pretty face and bullshit. I’m done talking. Good luck with life, you need it if you are that easily manipulated.

  3. OMG: He is not online until 5 and he does not get on until like 30 mins. before his show stats. How do you think he pays for stuff. He says right on cam all the time that he does not sell that many shirts and stuff. So where does he get money for food, rent, and other stuff. I mean have you seen his apartment he has nothing in it. He just got a real bed like a month ago.

  4. just coz matt isnt on cam 24/7 doesn’t mean he’s not on the computer.
    i know for a fact he is usually online until about 5am and gets up at 2pm.
    then from that he’s online until his show.
    yea, what kinda job could he have =S
    he just likes to make his fans believe he has a job so they stick up for him when people try and tell them what a fucking lowlife he is
    stop being so fucking retarded, matt is nothing special. in fact, he is nothing.

  5. Who cares. Matthew Lush may not die of aids, but he’ll die from all the cum buildup in his stomach.
    And lol @ calling John a homophobe, since he has a lot of gay friends?

  6. Opps… should look into servers that do free transfers πŸ™‚
    Alex shut your trap…your a reject…..just shut up.
    <3 jrey

  7. I know Sticky drama… wheres the drama? this site was the bomb before! Everyday they would have like 3 or 4 new stories. Now they barely have 1 every three days and now the stories suck.

  8. To address the second question in the above comment:
    We switched servers, and have to re-upload lots of old posts. We’re also adding new features. So, its hard to do 3 or 4 posts a day right now. Once we’re finished with the new layout, we’ll upload most of our old posts and go back to several new posts per day.

  9. I just have a few things..
    1. Why if all of you hate John, are you friends with him on myspace? Kinda of an oxymoron eh?
    2. What happened to Sticky Drama? Did they get into some legal trouble? All the juicy stuff is gone and they don’t update nearly as often as they did before.
    3. Did anyone notice the Hot Mami ads at the bottom of everyone’s profile? They have changed them now….but for like a half an hour…everyone’s page had an ad for Hot Mami’s profile. Thought stickam banned her….twice? Now they advertise her? Weird.

  10. Rae Lancione: He has has a real job for a long time. He not on his cam all day. The only times he is on cam he at 6 pst for his show and at night but he gets off before 1am pst. So he can get up in the morning to go to work. He has never been on cam during the morning or afternoon in the week.

  11. i doubt that it was hacked… i mean if someone hacked his account why would they just post ONE bulletin and say THAT they could easily say much worse


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