“Flowers,” John Ruskin wrote in the Victorian Age, “seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity.” How sophisticated our aesthetics have evolved, over a century later in the Digital Age, when nothing raises our spirits like unretouched photos of the so-called beautiful people.
For our part StickyDrama can scarcely imagine the profoundly uplifting effect on the masses triggered by this most unflattering image of Raquel Reed, who apparently was photographed in the midst of removing her many coats of makeup.

For those readers unfamiliar with popular Myspace personalities, Raquel is a professional makeup artist who has made somewhat of a name for herself online as an aspiring model.

Her onstage appearance at Bamboozle confirmed she was once again part of the exclusive Jeffree Star-Chris Crocker clique, comprised of cocksuckers and bimbos famous for doing nothing in particular.



  1. Lol @ arthur ford saying she’s disgusting. Arthur = piece of SHIT. Kill yourself.
    And lol @ the majority of you being hypocrites. I’m sure the majority of you were hit with the ugly stick, and then have the balls to come on here and talk trash at the appearances of other people.
    ps- Apocalypse Pony, you look like an under-decorated tranny, js.

  2. honestly with the makeout or without the makeout she looks like a trany. just whne i see her? i think of a boy that has blue hair

  3. shes ugly without make up and eyebrows come on now, stop blinding ureself and sucking her dick if you think thats hot

  4. Hey mellisa, you should ask your boyfran to stop giving out your nudes.
    And @ hair being fried, its kinda obvious.
    If ya need to ask how the chemicals have obviously mushed what was left of a brain.

  5. u think i look like shit? You should see Jeffree without his make-up, thats tragic. I know he gave you fags this pic. But I dont give a fuck, Im a singer/model/makeup-artist/myspace celeb.
    point blank.

  6. well all i can say is maybe if she didn’t wear makeup sher skin would be better
    i wear light brown eye makeup and nothing on my skin cause it will breakout if i do.

  7. What has Raquel really done to deserve this? This honestly isn’t news at all.
    It’s a poor quality photo taken not only with flash, but at an odd angle and an inopportune time. Leave the poor girl alone, she is beautiful.

  8. look guys
    stfu. no one looks that great all the time. if you know how to put on makeup and do your hair so you look drop dead fucking gorgeous then that’s fine.
    i know i don’t look that great until i paint my face on.
    get the fuck over it.

  9. nobody likes diva disaster
    shes like 3 and thinks shes the fucking shit by talking hard on the computer.
    shes a fucking annoying immature fuck


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