The ever so well-adjusted Kiki Kannibal recently typed several small essays in formspring responses describing her experience in dealing with cyberstalkers. Few online entertainers attract more negative attention than 17-year-old Kiki:  She was banned from Myspace at the age of 14, owing to certain photos she took for a boyfriend; and her family felt compelled to move from Miami to Orlando in order to avoid cyberstalkers who brought their harassment to Kiki’s real life.

For the disturbing curriculum vitae of Stickam’s top-ranked female entertainer, click here.
StickyDrama has sympathy for Kiki: no one, and certainly no child, should have to endure the abuse she describes. But we can’t help remarking that her provocatively sexual photographs, taken throughout her teenage years, must have exacerbated the problem.

Whereas most teenagers do naughty things behind their parents’ backs, Kiki’s photographs and outfits clearly involved parental consent and funding. Tellingly, Kiki’s parents are managers of the Kiki Kannibal Corporation and owners of the Kiki Kannibal trademark. Incorporating and trademarking are wise business decisions, but have these business decisions been deletrious to Kiki’s emotional and physical well-being?


  1. Way too much hate for kids. As for the future. Internet 2.0 is coming, all this hatred here and on /b/ will be a thing of the past. Say goodbye to the Internet as you know it. And the government will use sites like this and all your “yeah but no” hatred as part of their excuse for the massive censorship they’re about to unroll.

  2. lol um she went to a show along with her parents and tried to act cool???? um if i was in that situation i would at least try to be a little humble.

  3. actually that night that she got gum smashed in her hair was the same night a 17 year old girl punched her mom in the face for grabbing her and trying to assault her. kiki kannibal was always a joke in sofla. i was there, no one was on drugs. when she showed up we all got dead quiet that a 13 year old girl came to a show with her parents and was trying to be all cool around 17.18, and 19 year olds. the only reason she got gum smashed in her hair, got punched in the face several times, and had a girl punch her mom was because kiki was using racist remarks to a friend of mine telling her to go get her greencard. she’s so one sided and nieve. she got what she deserved and whenever else had happened to her reguarding vandalism and weird drawed pictures is complete karma. she acts so innocent when she used to make fun of everyone who wasn’t her and used to make up ridiculous lies about people in sofla to make herself feel better about being a lonely girl with no friends.

  4. @Anonymous at 6:52 am:
    I agree. Especially about Dakota being the beautiful daughter.
    The Kannibals love to accuse me of cyberbullying, which legally is harassment that takes place online. But I’ve only messaged Kiki about 5 times or so in all the years I’ve been running StickDrama, always politely and briefly. The Kannibals seem to be under the impression that what I do—namely, publishing unflattering blog posts and allowing vituperative comments on a domain that I own and a server that I lease—qualifies as harassment. They are mistaken. Otherwise every tabloid in America would be unlawfully harassing celebrities, which our society has decided isn’t the case.
    More interestingly, all of Kiki’s mean comments to girls in her Live come closer to the legal definition of harassment. Harassment requires unwanted contact, usually in the form of verbal or written messages. Publishing posts on my own site isn’t a “message” so much as a journal entry; spouting insults directly at someone is a message.
    The Kannibals in many ways reap what they have sown.

  5. lmao.
    ‘im 85 lbs but it took two bouncers to pull me off da gurrrlss!’
    lol, okay kirsten.
    we all know she’s a liar. For how long did she say that she wasn’t “kirsten ostrenga’, she had it in huge letters on her myspace that “OSTRENGA ISNT MY LAST NAME!!”
    she claims shes been physically attacked and emotionally attacked but we see her constantly trying to put other people down- something her mom AND sister do as well with insults such as ‘ugly’ and ‘fat’. she makes fun of people in her live all the time who don’t even say one negative word, they can just be sitting there on cam and she’ll start ranting off a string of insults or ‘bitch u copy mee wah wah u ugly fat ho!!’.
    for someone who thinks it’s so terrible how she’s been treated and how badly she wants to be respected by people and feel safe, she sure has flaunted her underage body a lot. She even had that famous pulling-her-top up picture as her headline on myspace before. I believe it was that specifically which got her banned from Myspace.
    I just find it hilarious how she treats other people then she can cry that everyone treats her so badly. If she did happen to be a kind person and hadn’t always had a reputation as easy/slutty/nasty/bitchy, then I bet she wouldn’t have to deal with these things (if they are, in fact, true) to the extent that she has had to deal with them. She’s always had a big head, full of hot air and accusing any girl with dyed hair, blonde hair, extensions, ‘silver lowlights’, bright make up, tights, ANYTHING that even remotely resembles anything she has ever done or worn- of copying her and attacked them, insulted them, laughed at them.
    Kiki needs to grow up. She is honestly pathetic in the way that it’s sad. I really don’t see her life going anywhere. Not only because she lacks talent but because of her “stage mom”, too. Nobody wants to work with a girl who’s mom is controlling everything whether she’s ready to prostitute her out at any second or not. So her music career is shot, and she just doesn’t have the exaggerated features (or height) to do real modeling nor does she have the unique feature needed for paper modeling. Flipping through any magazine, you can see that Kiki would never be seen in any of those pages with her face. Which isn’t to call her ugly, but beneath her pounds of editing and make up, the girl is as plain as a piece of bread. Dakota is the sister who got those exaggerated, unique, beautiful features which must really kill Kiki and Mama Kannibal.

    oh please, kiki. i doubt she has ever beat anyone up. lol anyone could snap her in half.

  7. LOL @ “The police only do something when someone ends up dead” like whats his face- the kid that an’hero’ed at the Mall or whatever. The one that used to buttfuck Kiki’s Mom.

  8. also by the gummy bears thing you don’t need to work in a factory, its not like its stone, its mushy push it through the texture.

  9. For everyone asking. Lacing gummy bears is possible you stick the drugs inside of it, but i will tell you this honestly NOBODY WOULD SPEND THAT KIND OF MONEY TO GET SOME RANDOMS HIGH unless they were 40 year old pedos with the date rape drug. Believe it or not drugs are pretty expensive and if they were lacing there gummy bears chances are they were heavy users. I don’t doubt the gum thing happened but the way i heard the story was that they came up to her, stuck gum in her hair, she turned around and punched one of them and they laughed and left. I think whats been done to her is sick, and completely irrational behavior. Some people are sick. Sticky’s posts are interesting, and i don’t know why coming here complaining is going to do you any good. People enjoy his site regardless of what he posts because its generation now. AND as bad as it sounds people love to here other peoples drama. Its life, its what gets you through the day, why else would TMZ or Perezhilton make so much money doing it if people didn’t enjoy the gossip, regardless of being false or not. Sticky’s probably got the best job out there, why go to law school when you can work from home posting A few simple blogs and do whatever you want while having a huge LA bound loft to you and whomever you want. I think law school is off the list. The biting thing is fucked up and i do think Kiki’s grown from the experience. I think if anything everyone should NOW KNOW why she has no friends and is always with her sister. Its not because nobody likes her or because she has no friends, its because of her status. Not to mention the few people she has been close to have all used her immensely. Its a hard, damaging life for any person let alone going through it since you were fourteen ( and even that age is to be debated).

  10. Fox news is one of the EASIEST stations to get on especially if you are a pushy bastard like Chris. At the end of the day no one cares even FOX. It’s a joke… puffy faces and helium, swishy voices don’t make for good TV

  11. Chris, the owner of Stickydrama, has been one of the worst cyber bullies to Kiki. He has cyber bullied her since she was 14 or 15 while he was 28 years old. He recently sent her a tweet, “If I can’t have you, then I will destroy you.” The guy is nuts!

  12. I’m not whoever used to be in your chat room.
    This “future” has a lot of growing up to do. I’m not debating you on the importance of social networking and how that is becoming more integrated into our culture. There’s aspect of that I find wonderful and exciting.
    I’m talking about the “scene” you’re banking on. You know? The stupid vapid kids with the big colorful hair that listen to some of the shittiest music known to man? It’s a sub-sub culture. You’re not building a TMZ like brand. There’s no THERE there with this culture.
    I’m not talking about the technology or America’s youth culture as a whole. I’m talking about the drug addled fuck ups you cover here and their pathetic quest for fame for the sake of fame.
    Even Andy Warhol would think this is shitty.


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