Wowzers.  Amor Hilton, everyone’s third favorite #hookerclown right after Kiki and Jeffree, discovered a diamond mine of drama recently while going through her old laptop backups:  unseen footage of her former fiancé John Hock professing his love for her.  Touched, Amor reflected on her time with the former Stickam superstar now on trial for rape in Arizona, and gave candid on-camera responses to her many backlogged formspring quetions about her past relationship with and present feelings for Hock.  She edited it all together and posted it on her YouTube earlier today.

Amor also addressed Hock’s mother Jenna, who apparently has had a bone to pick with Amor over the affidavit she sent in to the State as evidence in Hock’s trial. To clarify, Amor sent that affidavit at StickyDrama’s request.  Her affidavit did not so much attack Hock as Stickam.  Amor swore that Stickam chose to overlook Hock’s online behavior, and the danger he posed to its users, because of the high number of new registrations and stream views Hock brought its fledgling network.  Perhaps in an indirect way, Amor’s testimony doesn’t exactly make Hock look like a saint; Hock’s criminal actions are the underlying facts in the case against Stickam’s policy of preferential treatment for popular Entertainers.  But it was Danielle Alexandria’s affidavit that directly gave evidence against Hock.


  1. I generally think Amor is a pretty girl. but that make up+ fried hair + too many piercings is fucking TERRIBLE. come on amor you can do better.

  2. it’s useless to hate on her looks or whatever. i mean seriously does she look like she cares? no. so stop getting all obsessed with ” i hate amor ”. it’s her life and those are her decisions. so just don’t hate on her. she’s gorgeous. anyways about the john hock stuff, i think he shouldn’t go to jail, but cmon they WERE in a relationship. he should of get atleast punished for doing that online but cmon. jail is just too much. anyways Amor you’re amazing. don’t care about the haters, they’re just bringing you more views. dumb fucks.

  3. p.p.s – sticky drama is so fucked up now, posting things of people commiting suicide and shit? what happended to the good ol nudes and stuff? LOL honestly, who even cares? obviously anthony vanity is willing to fuck anyone over, even apparently “good friends” like amor. you people are FUCKEDDDDDD

  4. p.s amor probably lost quite a few friends and a ton of respect, get the fuck over it. she never put on a white hat and called herself a saint. if she did, then disregard my comment completely; but if sh didn’t, then shut the fuck up. everyone does fucked up things whilst drunk OR high, like you havent done anything sexual with some random or a friend while drunk..doesn’t make you a whore. LOL jesus christ, no wonder why people commit suicide.

  5. ugh stickydrama fuck youu for not posting my comment. anyways; HAHAHA daniella(whatever) was NOT innocent at all, she was mad at john because 9840283402834029384029384 people saw her underage loose hole and not just her fucking emo boyfriends via myspace. PATHETIC! she knew what she was doing when getting into a relationship with john, LMFAO ppleasee. if anyone with any sense went to that trial should fucking show her for who she really is. but him doing it on live tv basically is a fucked up.

  6. actually i think that this is so beautiful
    she loves him no matter what
    and i dont think hes sush a bad guy hes just an idiot who doesnt think of what hes doing and i think its sweet of amor to see through that and love him anyway
    i think they deserv to be together
    + amor is so stunning
    i think its rly hard for some ppl to understand when your not im her position
    if someone really loves someone then they think the best of that person no matter what he does
    that is what so called
    *being a fool in love* tho its kind of beautiful

  7. Amor is so stunning. Love how everyone talks shit. Why would you be friends with stickydrama & hate on Amor? That makes no sense at all. I understand the fat girls are jealous, but recongnize that “MOST” guys think Amor is hot. Oh, and quit talking shit on John Hock. You know you used to love him in the past, and now you just hate. Go fuck yourself.

  8. Ha John Hock. Such an old topic.
    He’s a sick freak, he’s in prison, who give’s a fuck. Drop it.
    All i want to know is why the hell Amor Hiltons’ up here lookin like a trashy ass barbie. She’s ugly, annoying, and i’m pretty sure we all know she’s a slut. Now she’s defending a rapist? WOW. How much trashier could you possibly get?

  9. thank you for the agreement guys, and to the complete utter dumb bitch who said that the people attacking Amor are just jealous, you are an idiot. How could anyone be jealous of THAT, she is happy to make fun of suicide girls by calling them “slutticide girls” but as soon as the opportunity comes along to give a Hollywood hand job shes happy to be a complete slut. No offense, but I’m not a slut or contradictory so I think I will stick with myself thanks 🙂

  10. I am not hating or jealous of anyone on this site, that video was really personal, you can tell how far down hill both of them have gotten and they are what barely legal? I know John is older than Amor is but still it was hard to watch, don’t know either of them in person but from Amor’s internet personality she puts up a huge “tough girl act” and this showed she isn’t that tough girl she wants us to believe she is. Oh and I can’t be a fag 1. I am not a cigarette and 2. I don’t have a penis.

  11. Oh, also agree with Misty @3:33pm. Way to make some chick’s rape about yourself. “My ex-fiance”? That means no more than “ex-boyfriend”. Quit trying to ride what’s left of this guy’s coattails. Aren’t you some big-time superstar? So why do you need to continue to associate yourself with this dude from or about whom no one’s heard anything in so long? Quit beating this dead, gay horse.

  12. 9:51 pm, how you can understand that there’s reason to be mad and say you’d “laugh it off”. You must be really fucking stupid or have have no self-esteem.
    9:49 am, I agree. It’s obnoxious, pretentious, rehearsed, and not at all cute. She sounds like that Brittany Br00tal chick whose video was posted here. She is THE dumbest regular on this site. She should trade her wine and cigarettes for half a brain if sophistication is what she’s trying to convey.

  13. Anonymous said, April 16th, 2010 at 7:16 am
    I was thinking the same exact thing. She had a picture of them together on her myspace and the caption was
    “RAPIST ^”
    Nice, Amor.

  14. Ill be honest and straight here, This is just a sad Pathetic attempt at a internet publicity stunt from Amor. She looks like fucking plastic now and its terrible, by the way WHERE THE FUCK is her other dahlia?!?!

    Hi Bloo,
    long time, no “shiet.”

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