One has a va-jay-jay and resides in upstate New York; the other lives in Southern California and, presumably, still has a penis. But the differences end there.
From blindly bright red hair to the hideous melange of clown paint slathered atop ungraceful features, Lithium Junkie looks every bit the twin sister of worthless internet celebrity Jeffree Star.
We’re just sayin’ …


  1. She reminds me of Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
    like seriosuly what the fuck is up with her face?
    It’s like she has Bells Palsy.

  2. apart from the fact they both look like something from a circus, have almost identically shaped and sized whacky eyebrows and have faces that scare small children they look absolutely nothing alike lol

  3. lmao @ john. self centered much there john ;D lmao. wow. i feel sorry for that girls mother. i’d hate to have a daughter like that. i’d feed her to an alligator or something :O. or i’d feed her to brandy. either one would eat her so it doesn’t matter 😀

  4. That being said they don’t look any more alike than Jeffree and I do.
    Anyway, the person with the comment “running out of stories are we?”
    Why are you guys bitching about every post? It’s either too graphic and gross, or too pointless.
    Make up your mind damn it.

  5. He’s an old-fashioned vegetarian paramedic whom everyone believes is mad. She’s a pregnant communist widow living homeless in New York’s sewers. They fight crime!

  6. oh & BTW
    ROFL @ the shitty stickydrama banner at the top of the pages…
    looks at the horridly photoshoped out hot mami hair (she used to be in the middle obviously) rofl

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