StickyDrama was recently alerted to Cyberman, a perfect male specimen whose sex appeal is dwarfed only by his grasp of spirituality.
Where to begin? This lovely lump of man meat is first and foremost a born-again Christian crusading against 4chan, Gaiaonline and YTMND, whose members raided his chatroom. Apparently one of these raids provoked an un-Christianlike reaction from the man of God, which was recorded. This raid led to his ominous declaration of war.
StickyDrama regrets to report that Cyberman has since had the video of his raid removed from YouTube; on the bright side we find it hard to believe that anything could possibly be more amusing than his own “demonstration of his singing abilities.”

Beyond his Stickam profile, his musings have been preserved on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Any reader with the patience to sit and read the sagacious writings of this holy man will be in for a treat. While an exhaustive analysis of Cyberman’s literature is beyond the scope of this post, we cannot resist the following highlight.
Any reader with a copy of the raid video is urged to please send it to StickyDrama.


  1. I bet it’s toolshed himself
    postin to put him up like
    “omg whaaatt, oh jeez what are
    we going to do with out toolshed”

  2. Actually, that’s Matthew Lush in a couple of years. His popularity will dwindle, He won’t be able to pay the rent in L.A., and he’ll have to move to some god forsaken place like Nebraska (because it’s cheap) and live off Wendy’s fast food the rest of his life.

  3. What would Jesus do? Jesus would say go and eat no more as you are too heavy to float to heaven unless the sky were made of turkey gravy, you giant ass hogster.


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