Was that really Adam Paranoia and Stevie Ryan tearing each other’s clothes off yesterday on Streaming The Cube, or were we duped into watching a steamy late-night Cinemax skin-flick?  While there had always been an obvious attraction between Stickam’s the two, never has it been so clear that Adam is pounding his Paranoia p33n into the furthest recesses of Stevie’s taco.

Right as the show began the two were touchy-feely. First, Adam moved his hand over Stevie’s breast, supposedly to adjust her mic but her startled reaction reveals more.  As they went through their various skits, they found convenient opportunities to rub their bodies together: crotches grinded against each other as their voices took a seductive tone; Stevie, the lucky bitch, slapped Adam’s ass; during a cross-dissolve they seem to kiss; and by the end Stevie was being swung around in Adam’s arms.
Unlike Stickam’s new spamgod cocksucker John Hock, who makes hourly announcements of his latest flings and breakups, Adam and Stevie had until recently exercised some modicum of discretion. The delicacy with which the relationship was being handled is no doubt due to Adam’s awkward situation: In addition to Stickam senior management’s frowning on anything of an overtly sexual nature, it is well understood that he must have broken up with his long-time girlfriend Dolores Paranoia—who, by the way, still calls herself Dolores Paranoia and still has Adam as her top friend. Meanwhile Adam has placed Stevie as his top friend and is embracing Stevie in his own profile pic.
With Stickam’s latest power couple so brazenly flaunting their newfound romance, the only question remaining for StickyDrama is whether it’s now OK to post those naughty pics of Dolores?


  1. Wow…
    If her thighs are considered huge then I’m an obese monster. Stevie has a little shape, but my finger is still curvier than her body. If she is anorexic its because of people like YOU saying ridiculous things like this.
    I have always enjoyed Stevie Ryans work and will continue to.
    I think It makes me like her even more to see someone’s jealous ex-girlfriend write non-sense about her.

  2. “if she had an eating disorder she would have already said it or made a character about it”
    People don’t just go out in the open and go “HEY, I HAVE AN EATING DISORDER” or make a character out of it because they’re ashamed.

  3. why the HELL would she make a video about her own eating disorder, if she did in fact have one?
    that’s not something you really want to advertise.

  4. …Wow, just because someone is super skinny doesn’t automatically mean they have an eating disorder.

  5. if she had an eating disorder she would have already said it or made a character about it
    she is real skinny tho but i think she is vegan and thats why

  6. before i forget…
    How do you know stevie has an eating disorder? Even if she did, what does that have to do with anything? She is still better looking than adams old girlfriend.
    AND PROBABLY better looking than anyone else he’ll ever get.

  7. you dont need to take nudes when you love someone. a slut is a slut is a slut.
    its not stevies fault if adam fell for her. that girl wasnt making him happy.

  8. LOL, one more time, I’m not Dolores, nor did I say Stevie’s thighs were fat, she does look anorexic, because she’s had an eating disorder, hence her teeth.
    You wanna know who I am?
    I use to be real close with Adam, I looked up to him, and he became an asshole.
    Dolores is a good friend of mine too, and to confirm, she HASN’T posted on here.
    I don’t get why you guys are hating on her, she did nothing wrong. She didn’t CHEAT on Adam like he did with her so many times.
    You guys are retarded if you think I’m Dolores, first off, she wouldn’t have gotten how many years they’ve been dating wrong, like I did, and then I talked to her and corrected myself.
    Sticky is smarter than pleasing you assholes by posting her nudes.
    Which, were not taken to get attention, but taken and sent to someone she was in love with, blame hackers for hacking his email.
    Now shut the fuck up.

  9. pathetic.
    when people have to say horrible things to justify something they probably have no clue about.
    you don’t live with Adam, Dolores, Stevie or the maker of this site so you don’t TRULY know the essence of what happens behind the camera.
    stevies teeth are decent to me & I think when she is HERSELF she is trying to be HERSELF so she doesn’t have to be “funny”.
    I’m 18 & most of you are like 37899798 do me a quick favor & quit using the high school lashouts, ok?

  10. if she’s so famous irl like she says she is, then why does she spend most of her time on stickam now?

  11. PS.
    its really weird that all the negative comments on here are from “anonymous” aka delwhores paranoia.

  12. OMG. This is way to funny.
    Who even cares?
    If i were Adams ex I would be upset to. having to compete with stevie?no thanks.
    but shes STEVIE RYAN.so who can blame him?

  13. ^^^
    Huge thighs? HAAHHAAA!!
    I LOVE that Delores is on here trying to make Stevie out to be a bitch by calling her a horse and saying she has big thighs. Real classy and mature of a 25 year old WAITRESS.
    Jealousy gets you no where. Especially when your calling a skinny ass bitch like Stevie fat. She looks anorexic for fucks sake. Look at the video, shes has the body of a 12 year old boy. Besides, shes a REAL model/actress. Not a Hooters girl (wow, big dreams). Delores is as big as a fucking house next to Adam!! Or at least in her pictures she looks like an umpa loompa.
    At least stevie is not a desperate whore who has to take noodz in order to get attention. Its sad to see something so fun and sweet develop between Stevie and Adam. But its a real shame to then watch his jealous ex TRY to bring Stevie down with name calling.
    People stop hating on little Angelina Jolie. Youre just mad that your JENNIFER MANISTON.

  14. I am not one to judge or use their looks against them.
    But stevie ryan not only is the bigggest bitch in the whole entire fucking world.
    Shes UGLY AS HELL tooo.
    -Her teeth are way too fucking big for her own mouth
    -she looks like a horse
    -no wonder her stomach is tiny as hell, everything she eats drops down her her fucking thighs, they are HUGEEE.
    shes not funnny at all, only when shes pretending to be kiki kannibal or mathew, someone other than herself.
    bascially, shes a bitch,ugly, retarded as hell.
    and adam can do way betterrrrr.
    whatever, ill give them a few months.

  15. I adore Stevie! She is NOT a homewrecker. She is just a beautiful girl that girls want to be and guys want to date. Thats not her fault.
    Its like the whole Brad Pitt leaving Jennifer Aniston to be with Angelina Jolie thing. I mean HELLO. Jolie FTW.
    Let them be happy together and adopt 20 little black children.

  16. Adam probably just stopped ‘loving’ Dolores.They’re in their 20’s, that shit happens. Anonymous should stop shit talking Stevie since it’s making her look a little pathetic.

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