As certain well-connected cocksuckers and blondes are aware, StickyDrama left the civilized confines of Manhattan last week, and took a trip to Miami—a vacation arranged long before our dispute with Kiki Kannibal’s mother. However, while there we could not resist snapping a few pictures of Aventura Mall, where her now-deceased statutory rapist plummeted to his death last year.
Our readers will recall that Danny Cespedes, aka Mr Myspace, leapt from a parking garage in order to avoid arrest for “lewd and lascivious battery on a minor.” Much speculation remains as to who alerted the police to his presence at the mall.

Meanwhile, as we were sweltering in the hideous Art Deco swamp whence Kiki came, the lovely Stevie Ryan duked it out cholita style with the Kannibals, both Kiki and Mama. At the time, both Stevie and Kiki were on the front page—Stevie was actually featured.

StickyDrama was sent the screen-recording by a reader; in our vacation condo we did not have the necessary software, and sincerely regret not having been able to record the on-cam Jerry Springer performance Mama Kannibal must have given. Let us hope she fills our comments with whatever we missed.


  1. LOL Stevie is adorable. Awe, I missed mama kannibals reaction, someone post it please!

  2. I love Stevie Ryan. I got banned from Kiki’s room for defending Stevie and telling Kiki to not lie in a message she was sending to Stickam Admin. As mature as she says she is, it’s quite funny that she banned me from her room because I sad one thing she didn’t approve of. Oh, well. I’d choose Stevie over Kiki ANY DAY.

  3. Ew if i was that Stevie girl
    i wouldent say i was bron ike that i would say i was in a car crash or somthing no 1 can be born that FUGLY poor girl and she says she will beat her down what a lame ass fucktard is shee
    “thats right kiki im so hard ill beat you down ill beat your child ass i dont care i have beaten children b4 and ill do it agian”
    lame bitch
    wooo go Kiki

  4. sorry about the late diamond pendants Mikeyy, a ripe tampon got into the invoices but its on its way to you now…

  5. Kiki Kannibal is a fucking retarded, thinks shes so fucking smart, bitch. crying to everyone about her fucking issues on the internet, shes fucking crazy, i have detectives, i have lawyers! I’ll kill you, shutttt the fuckk up. No one likes you anymore.
    Go stevie!

  6. Stupid bitch kiki can’t own up to her own problems. She will never be more than a internet pre-teen sensation.

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