Early this morning StickyDrama was sent a image that appears to depict a teenage mother masturbating next to an infant.  Such an act, in addition being morally repugnant, probably violates several statutes pertaining to exposing children to obscenity.
The teenager has been identified by matching furniture depicted in her Facebook photos with furniture depicted in the Skype call.
There has been speculation as to whether the female was forced or coerced into masturbating next to the infant—specifically that she was “blackmailed.”  The portion of the Skype conversation in our possession does not indicate any blackmail, but does not necessarily disprove blackmail was involved either:
StickyDrama was not sent the screencap by the person who recorded the Skype session.  We do not know whether a complete video recording even exists.  We are attempting to locate the person who was Skyping with the female in order to determine the precise circumstances in which the incident occurred.


  1. god, i feel SO bad for the other alyssa-marie. i think sticky should offer her an apology, publically. i’m sure (or hope) he has privately but that doesn’t help her now completely besmirched reputation YEAH?

  2. If you look at the conversation, it looks like he just wants her to stuff shit in her cunt. SHE’S the one that mentions the baby, although, you can’t see what she said. Regardless, the fact that she was gullible enough to do any of it is completely fucking retarded.

  3. For the guys saying the blackmailer wouldnt have told her to fuck herself in front of her son …you never know hes pretty well known for forcing girls to have thier dogs eat them out and other fucked up shit

  4. Yes and its not sad in the slightest somebody sitting behind a computer picking on other people’s spelling mistakes..

  5. If the stupid whore had kept her pants on a year ago she’d be free to fuck herself whenever she liked. But infront of her kid, come on, get some self respect, and responsibility. I hope she gets everything she deserves. Urgh.

  6. ^I hate people who spell “disgusting” that way! I didn’t do that at any age. I really don’t understand how someone old enough to use a computer can be that ignorant. That’s sad.

  7. This just teaches all you nasty fucking skanks to leave your god damned pants on and stop whoring around on the internet. Why is this surprising at all? She’s saying she’s seventeen and already with a one year old? That means she must have been 15-16 when she got pregnant. If you’re going to go around spreading your legs open to anyone who’s going to stuff something in your cunt, at least wrap it up. I don’t care if you’re a good mother or not, obviously you’re an attention seeking bitch. You’re so fucking worried about naked pictures of you getting leaked on the net, but you’re willing to spread your legs on a webcam for a stranger? With your fucking kid in the room? I mean you couldn’t take two minutes to put the kid in his crib even? Because I’m sure this blackmailer didn’t say “Slam your fist in your cunt with you son next to you, oh yeah, that’s fucking sexy.” If you’re so worried about naked pictures getting out, don’t fucking take them. Don’t send them to random god damned people you don’t know, because you need the fucking attention. People are sick. And I’m not saying she’s sick just because her kid was in her bed, I’m saying it because she doesn’t have the fucking common sense to not spread her legs in the first place. If you’re really seventeen then you’d be in trouble for distribution of child pornography for sending naked pictures of yourself to someone. Kids all over the country are getting shit for “Sexting” pictures of themselves for being under age. You deserve to go to jail, not for flicking your bean with your son, but for just plain stupidity, as do all the rest of you ignorant ass holes who are sending pictures of yourself to people on the internet. Stop blaming everyone else for your own stupidity and mistakes. You are responsible for your own actions. So what if your PRECIOUS computer was going to get hacked. Boo fucking hoo you lose your god damned only source of human interaction. You fucking people make me sick. If you hold a camera and take a naked picture of yourself, own the fuck up to it. Don’t blame other people. You run the risk of it getting out there. You are responsible for yourself, your child, your protection. Show some God forsaken dignity. Put some fucking cloths on. And stop. Just fucking stop. I really hope this is a lesson for all of you. Every single last one of you who have “n00dz” out there. Check yourself. Stop acting like you’re all grown up. You’re not. You’re a fucking child. A child raising a child. That kid should be taken away because you’re too fucking immature to be able to handle another human life. If that kid is left with you, I feel pity on him. The least you could have done for your son is give him up for adoption, so maybe someone with some sense could raise him, so we don’t have more people like you being bred and released onto this Earth. This is so fucking pathetic.

  8. I feel hella bad for her. I mean yeah it’s weird that she did that but it’s not like she fucked her baby. I’m sure some of your parents have had sex in front of you when you were an infant. W/e get over it and leave her alone.

  9. Why would you ever do that to a baby!? it makes me sick to think what she does when the cameras off. Sure she was blackmailed… Sick bitch.

  10. she can’t get a guy to bone her IRL so she has to bate on cam for strangers with her son?!
    “OHAIIII, i r alyssa. can i bate on cam fer yew?” XD

  11. WOW in frint of hes son …..dicusting…even iff its her son i wonder wat the police would say about it bc she admitted it herself….would be better for the kid iff they take him…poor litle baby:(
    can u imagine later some1 show it to him
    hey guy look ure mom wat masturbating in front of u wen u were a babyXD

  12. For these kuids who want the video…why u not going on youporn if u wanna jerk off u sick fucks.
    and for the rest…the time you spend sticking ur jewishes noses in other peoples business you better got to night school and learn how to behave cos its more than sad that people care more about stickydrama than about real important stuff in the world.
    Now get fucked and let this chick alone doesn`t matter what she did cos no one knows what u guys would do when you get the chance to see a bitch naked!

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