Early this morning StickyDrama was sent a image that appears to depict a teenage mother masturbating next to an infant.  Such an act, in addition being morally repugnant, probably violates several statutes pertaining to exposing children to obscenity.
The teenager has been identified by matching furniture depicted in her Facebook photos with furniture depicted in the Skype call.
There has been speculation as to whether the female was forced or coerced into masturbating next to the infant—specifically that she was “blackmailed.”  The portion of the Skype conversation in our possession does not indicate any blackmail, but does not necessarily disprove blackmail was involved either:
StickyDrama was not sent the screencap by the person who recorded the Skype session.  We do not know whether a complete video recording even exists.  We are attempting to locate the person who was Skyping with the female in order to determine the precise circumstances in which the incident occurred.


  1. oh my fucking goodness
    well as long as she isnt making the child do w/e shes doing
    but she should know better…. never add a child in sexual things
    what a complete dickhead….

  2. lol you ppl have no life…put all your effort bitching about this girl into something useful…protest something…get into politics just god stop being lame assholes and get a life…

  3. “Sticky, I respect you dude.. I think you handle things preeeetty well and professional IMO..<3"
    Oh, yes, VERY professional hyping the situation and turning it into a whole media circus, instead of reporting it to the police. And not even getting the right girl the first time. BRAVO, Sticky, you are just ever so TERRIBLY professional!

  4. seriously wheres she from, cause obviously nobody has reported this…..and it needs to be reported to her local CPS

  5. wow guys stfu just cause she made a stupid choice dont mean shes a stupid person ik this girl shes probably the coolest girl ive ever met as well drop all this bull shit it was a god damn mistake

  6. Tyra Banks said, November 25th, 2009 at 1:20 am
    Do you know that you had a possibility to be somebody?! You just had to throw it all away for a couple of stupid minutes of masterbation NEXT TO AN INFANT!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE LOOKED UP TO YOU?!
    Do you know that all of America is ROOTING for you? Do you know that? And then you come here and you treat this like a JOKE??? I have never in my LIFE yelled at a girl like this!! When my mother yells like this it’s because she loves me! I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU…WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU! HOW DARE YOU! LEARN SOMETHING FROM THIS! When you go to bed at night, you lay there and take responsibility for your SELF, because nobody’s going to take responsibility FOR YOU. You’re rolling your eyes and you’re acting like you’ve heard it all before. You’ve heard it all? Well, you have no idea where I come from! You have NO IDEA what I’ve been through! But I’m not a victim. I grow from it, and I LEARN. Take responsibility for YOURSELF!
    OH GODDDDDDDD hahahahahah!! Best comments next to the “RELE GUISE” one.

  7. “Anonymous said, November 23rd, 2009 at 9:45 am
    ^I hate people who spell “disgusting” that way! I didn’t do that at any age. I really don’t understand how someone old enough to use a computer can be that ignorant. That’s sad.”
    LMFAO! I hate that too.

  8. oh and someone should call child protection..whats next…doing a line of coke in front her kid ? fucking some random dude infront him, while hes in the bed?

  9. @TARA.
    seriously stop being a stupid cunt and saying in any way shape or form this is ok. first off now everyone can clearly see why the hoe is 17 with a 1 yr old.shes a fucking skank bitch. children can remember this sorta shit..and even if he doesnt…he could probably find this online years from now and fucking feel ashamed for this. first off shes young and naked on a webcam, bitch is a bad mother.
    im a single parent of a 1 yr old and i respect myself because its part of fucking growing up

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