Once one of the most beautiful and well known girls on Stickam, Little miss Paige has been focusing on her business side with her new project “Young Muscle Magazine“.

We are all for young women to step it up and take over the world, but is letting go of one’s appearance necessary? At least spending hours on Stickam, made her care about her looks a bit more.

We have a solution! Paige should go Live, at least once a week. If not to make us happy, than at least to help in some way bring back the Paige whom ladies and buttpirates adored and made straight boys feverishly fap.



  1. I’ve gotten to meet/hangout with Paige in real life, and she is absolutely beautiful. And she’s not fat either. She’s short and adorable. End of story.

  2. I think she’s like j ok. She changes for her man. Like when she was with Kayvon she almost looked like him in some weird way.

    Now she must be dating an avrerage guy. She looks like a normal girl on the street to me. I wouldn’t turn my head. Plus she seems to photoshop alot.

  3. I think she looks gorgeous without makeup

    all you guys commenting this and calling her ugly are only doing it cause you know you could never get a girl like that irl, imo, js

  4. She looks like an airbrushed, overdone piece of shit in the before picture and naturally good looking in the second.

    I don’t know this broad, but she definitely didn’t “let go of her appearance” by not curing the fuck out of pictures.

    Grow the fuck up, nigger.

  5. Oh come one, because she isn’t all done up she’s not attractive?
    Fuck that.
    I think she looks gorgeous in the right picture, even more so than the left.

  6. I think she looks bad in both pictures
    She just needs to take care of her appearance a little more in the one on the left
    and she’d be perfect
    picture on the right is over done

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