Hayley Williams of the popular band Paramore is rumored to have recently Twipic’d her own n00dz by mistake just a few minutes ago.

Hailey claimed she “got hacked”; however, since she immediately gained deleted the twitpic seconds after it was posted, a more plausible theory is that the 21-year-old singer simply didn’t know how to use her new BlackBerry.


  1. OMFG BAHAHAHAHAH wow… woooo go hayley show off what u never had!! yay!
    my ass u were hacked u WISH u dirty girl ;P
    i demand an apology ! i think i scared my eyes and my laptop suffer damages BAHAHA

  2. why the hell are u supporting this cunt? yeah woopdi fucking doo
    she stooped herself down in the i’m going to make a publicity stunt since my music sucks
    btw people do complain about men showing their boobs if they are fat or unappealing ;P
    she should of just kept her little man tits to herself , and theres no way in hell i would respect her now , why should i when she clearly doesnt respect herself

  3. boobs? what boobs? those look like tiny man tits
    she should of kept to herself cuz now she looks like a cheap hoe you get from Craigs list
    congrats Hayley u just lost some fans, most of them are little girls , and to think u were a little more self kept never mind
    and michiko so true , EPIC FAIL

  4. wow….. u know i never thought that she would try to look sexy anytime soon with career launching off … and what sucks the most is this pic is 2 words = epic fail …
    she should of waited for a lingerie shoot or something that would off been flattering ..
    and i dont see how she “accidentally” uploaded the pic , i have a blackberry it confirms 2 times i believe and it would of taken seconds to take off of a site =/
    all i can say is have fun explaining that to mom and pop Hayley ;P

  5. Thanks Hayley…this is the best thing you could ever give to your fans……..I love your titties
    I stared to them like a whole day….I was starting to wonder when you will post something like this

  6. First, woooooo Hayley tits! 😀
    Second, I love how people get on here and start calling names and shit just because someone screwed up. She’s human just like anyone else, and alowed to make her mistakes just like the rest of us. Most of the people who have called her names or made fun of her chest are probably just mad because no one knows who they are and wouldn’t give a damn if they showed their tits. Not to mention, people complaining that she’s flat chested, are probably flatter than she is.

  7. Wow, plenty of dumb, naive, hypocrites posting here… Anybody ever thing that maybe she’s a nromal, cool girl and doesn’t give a shit about looking hot for the guys by pretending she has big tits? The girl is really cool IMO. I bet 90% of the girls posting have smaller tits, and at least half the guy posting have 4″ dicks. Give her a break and keep your hypocrisies to yourselves, lame ass judgmental, hypocrites!!
    I also agree with the poster above!

  8. Dudes it’s boobs what’s there to complain about. And fuck all the Jesus fags in here hatin on boobs

  9. what i mean i hate this bitch but why yall hatin on this poor rat i mean maybe u hoes have pancake nipples thsa why yall talking smack

  10. Sorry to get off topic but can somebody please explain this trend of lensless glasses? I find very insulting to people with eye sight problems.
    Oh and how nice that my Parabore so easily became Parawhore.

  11. She is not nude. Nude means your body is not covered up in anyway. And furthermore men show their breasts all the time and nobody ever complains so why can’t a woman. Fuck double standards piss me off. However, her lack of integrity and overall hypocrisy is disgusting. Get a spine and use it girl! Nobody takes responsibility for any of the shit they do anymore, unless it is “good”. I’ve seen mice with more morals than this twat.

  12. Not going to say anything bout her tits, because I’m small chested myself. Some people really need to grow up. Not everyone can grow big fucking tits. And we wonder why girls are so insecure nowadays? Yeah. Anyways. But, she took the picture, so fail on her part. But as time goes on I’m sure people will begin to forget and it’ll pass. Just like how it’s been with other celebrities with n00dz that leaked, accidental or not. (Miley Cyrus, Pete Wentz, Ashley tisdale too I beleive) Shit happens, time to move on.

  13. I think her tits are perfect and I would SO fuck the complete shit out of her like seriously she wouldn’t have a cunt left.

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