A YouTube video uploaded last week has already racked up almost 2 million views—probably because it features five 7-year-old girls performing a “Single Ladies” dance routine that would make Madonna blush.

StickyDrama figured the controversy would get the video pulled from YouTube, so we screen-recorded a copy.  Go fuck yourselves, Google; click the above thumbnail to watch, dear readers.
The so-called World of Dance routine took place in the usually sleepy Los Angeles suburb of Pomona, about an hour East of StickyHouse in downtown LA.  Throughout the video, StickyDrama gasped along with the crowd, not because the girls’ dance moves were impressive (which they were, no argument there, the routine was technically skillful in our opinion) but because they’re practically clapping their pussy-lips for a live audience.
As our readers watch the video, please keep in mind these girls are 7 years old.  SEVEN.  StickyDrama would like to know whether these girls’ parents received child-rearing advice from Cathy Ostrenga, who is also known to whore out her minor daughter.


  1. This is pretty bad. For those of you that are saying this video isn’t that bad, obviously it just shows that you’re used to disgusting displays like this to not be fazed. If it was your kid up there, I highly doubt you’d be okay with it. And for those saying that people are more ‘shocked’ by this than other things they see on this site, its mainly because the other things shown on this site are by older people that should be old enough to decide what to do on their own, whereas in this case its obviously the parents that were okay with this.


  3. Grrrrrrroooosss can someone post about Kiki’s parents grooming her to look like Dakota? http://twitpic.com/1nhlnb
    ROFL I woke up not long ago and I’m too lazy for all that. Facial expression/lips/eyebrows/eyes uggh they’re hideous.

  4. Meh.
    You just excited all the str8 pedophiles on this site.
    I wasn’t really phased by any of this and only saw a little wrong towards the end??
    I think they did the choreography well aaand IDK not much to say I’m pretty sure there’s been worse out there.

  5. Yeah sure kids wear bikinis at the beach but you don’t see them dancing like a fucking hooker. Beyonce and all them other mainstream artists need to take a look at what they do really DOES effect what kids do these days.

  6. I’m almost 18 and my parents would flip out if I danced in that. I danced for years and as a kid we always danced in leotards,tutus, maybe camo capris for hip hop. These children are in bikinis with tassles. It’s disgusting. These parents obviously don’t have a good moral compass so who knows where these girls will end up. Stripping will be their next performance.

  7. To 7:07
    I have had great relatioships, each lasting over 2 years. What is wrong with that? And i dont have kids because i see myself as too young to have them. But if i did have kids my boyfriend would be there for me because we hve been together over 3 yers and plan on having a family. So your theory is bullshit.

  8. Hey Sticky, care to comment on what kind of job Molly’s mom did raising her? Does she even have any idea who her daughter’s father is?

  9. r u serious. its not a big deal
    nobody makes a fuss about 7 year old girls at the beach in bathing suits and besides their 7 years old. In their heads what they r doing is compleatly innocent and calling them future sluts is just stupid.they did a great job and i applaude them

  10. wow this is fucked up in so many levels
    ped0 r gettting off on this shit
    anyone see “FUTURE SLUTS” in this little girls lives?
    its just wrong ahha

  11. i think it’s funny that this is shocking people when so many other things posted on this site do not.
    i’m not condoning the routine at all. i think the choreographer just raped all those children of their childhood. but it’s not the most shocking thing i have seen on this site.

  12. people can’t say a fucking thing about child molesters if they let their seven year old kids do this kind of shit.


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